Pokemon Red Collection

Is any one thinking of getting any boxes of the red collection?

If yes if you can contact me because they retail at 150 yen a pack i will get them at 112.5(75%) so ill probably sell them at 130 or depending on how many packs you buy.

I will have to buy 400 packs to get the wholesale price any way so if enough people are intrested il get it.

Il PM the rest of the details to those who are intrested.

I’m thinking about some red collection boxes.

If I do decide to get some, I’d be interested in chipping in, as long as I get sealed boxes…

Yes you can have sealed ones but that depend on how packs there are in the box and how many you buy.

Iv just checked how many packs there will be and there are 20 packs in a box so il have 20 boxes for sale in other words.

Its from a wholesaler where i buy my gaming codes for the yugioh online they usually sell it at 85 % to normal customers but i spend nearly 100000 yen monthly so they doing it cheaper for one box or more if i buy more booster boxes.

What area in japan will you be going to?

Nice. If viper.fox approves the price I’ll probably hit you up for a couple of boxes

Well rrp will be around 150 a pack when they are released unless there in a promotion that price will stay according to the wholesaler and this will be confirmed by viper when she goes to buy them.

I’d be down for one box (20 packs)

no problem so one down 14 more because out of the 20 boxes i need at least 15 boxes sold with people willing to buy before i buy the 20 box carton that i need for the wholesale price.

it will be 130 yen a pack so 2600 yen a box with the landorus promo in every box there will be a few £ customs that ill add on the end but it wont be a lot because i order my online codes with it so the most of the customs i will add to the codes instead because i make a 100% profit margin on them so if i lose a bit im not that worried and of course delivery

instead of me predicting the delivery i will ship the items first and whatever delivery comes to you il show you the recipts and then you can pay that.

Iv got 12 boxes Out of the 20 to go now.

How many packs are in the japanese boxes? You have my interest!

There are 20 packs in the box with the landorus promo in each box.

Go on - put me down for a box :blush:

Yes i will ship outside the uk i have PM the details

2 boxes are left

1 box - I actually want two

No problem .

haha what the hell, I’ll take 2 boxes instead of 1