Pokemon BW3 Boxes

i need to ask every one on how many boxes they will want to be buying of the BW3 because i have placed an order but i might have ordered spare boxes and i have 2 weeks to cancel any extra boxes.

so if every one intending to buy can you just confirm on how many you would like.

i might be having a deposit in before hand because there were 2 different cases were people didnt buy as many boxes as they ordered and i was left with extra 5 boxes and i dont want this to be happening with bw3.

i havent decided the deposit amount as of yet but i will email every one who is buying in advance.

Make the deposit at least 50% non-refundable (unless something drastic turns up).

I think thats fair only so that you’re sure about the order you put in.

I want a box of each, happy to pay in full before you make the order :blush:

Something to get you all pumped up :blush:

I finally got Collectorviper to update, so obviously this one is soooooooooo much better :stuck_out_tongue:

ITS ABOUT TIME THEY DID MEWTWO RIGHT! He has been waiting for a proper card for 15 years!

LOL Scott your love of Mewtwo knows no bounds - that was my first thought too :grin:

I messaged you a few minutes ago, but just confirming again that I would like to pre-order two of each set. Thanks! Let me know if you’ll need any sort of deposit.

It’s because he needs to be sure he doesn’t lose out on orders, which he has a real chance of doing with BW2 if his boxes don’t sell on eBay/privately after the mad rush has gone

Hello Im new here, but Viper, Gin as in the owner of Sunnyshore right?
They are awesome


Oh, except I don’t :heart: viper.fox until she reads my PM :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ok then, ilu again :-*

(that emoticon is so eeeew :stuck_out_tongue: )

How much for each and shipped to the US?

also where would you be shipping from also?


i have 2 boxes of psycho drive to go now before monday

Answer the shippig questions

the boxes are at the UK customs at the moment so hopefully they will get delivered either tommorow or thursday if everything going to plan and i will ship these on friday/saturday depending on when i recieve them.

The boxes are still at customs i phoned them today and they told me they haven’t applied any customs on it but there not releasing it today either so i dont know what their doing but once i get any more updates i will let you all know