Looking for red logo fossil booster packs!

hello im looking for the red logo fossil booster packs really need help finding these packs!

How much are you offering?
Where are you located?

These will help sellers figure out shipping and the like.

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I’ve been looking for these for awhile to complete my rare set. Don’t go off of the last auction as a price because I was second bidder on that auction and the seller was using a fake account bid the price up. He promptly gave me a second chance offer which I declined and tried to sell them for 300USD through message. I don’t think they are worth anywhere near that, to be honest. 100USD for three would be pushing it but they do seem to be quite rare


The auction a member here won is much more reasonable


Even at sealed box pack price that is only 27usd a pack so I figure 20 a pack would be reasonable. Too bad that bloated auction didnt bring some other packs to market, although I haven’t been looking too hard lately

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I have been offered $300 USD per pack within the last 3 weeks and have sold the rares at $225 USD each. I have multiple people that message me regularly looking for the rares that are happy to pay those prices as well.

I absolutely support the higher prices and would consider anything remotely lower a stroke of luck.

I also wouldn’t say the sealed box price is fair to factor. We’ve literally seen one sealed box and it ended that low because I didn’t know about it, nor did Sammy. Haha.


The only Australian Fossil packs i seen were the ones that ended today:



It would be cool to have all art veriants of this Australian set :blush:


Y’all gotta inbox me these things when you see them. I don’t even know how I missed those. This is the last pack auction I saw:

ah wow those packs went for real cheap, dipzy

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Yeah real cheap, i only saw when searching now on my lunch break but only today from, this thread i learned just how rare these fossil packs are

That sounds more like an extreme premium you could get when you’re part of a small forum and are the only one selling at a particular time. I don’t think that it accurately reflects the true value or rarity.

Maybe the people were happy to get the cards collected but I doubt they thought 225 was a good price. There had to be at least 1000 red logo boxes produced just to make it worth printing, hopefully more. So that’s around 600-800 of each rare card. Cards that are a lot rarer than that sell for less.

I can only speak to what I’ve sold them for and am being actively offered.

I would be happy to buy packs and rares at the other mentioned prices myself though. :grin:

Opps I am an edit fairy

Production rarity isn’t a determinant for value. You know that. Haha.

Of the three people actively seeking these from me, one is on this forum.

I’m not selling. The fact is that no one is selling. This is THE scarcest production set. Bottom line. And there is one complete set that isn’t for sale.
Go ahead. Try to complete the set. Haha.

I welcome one and all to sell to me at the full prices named otherwise. I’d be happy to buy them. It’s not about my personal connection to the cards. I’ve got a lot of cards I feel strongly about that I’m not interested in buying at any price because I have them already. But these I know I can easily flip for the prices I’ve named.

Why would you say production has no effect on rarity? There were a set amount of boxes produced and that definitley affects the ease of collecting. I suppose in this specific situation a higher premium is easier to get since most people either don’t know they exist or have them and don’t realize the difference and the limits the number for sale. Also it’s the fossil set with only one holo. This alone hits the desire to collect these pretty hard. So even if the rarity is pretty high you have probably seen the entire group of demand just from those few people contacting you. Also, those few people should typically be more hardcore than other collectors and probably don’t mind shelling out the funds for the sake of completing a goal. It doesn’t mean they are really worth that much if they were to sell at auction. I guess I’m just not hardcore:( I do have 4 if the rares now so I am moving up in the world.

Simply put, I didn’t say that. Haha. I said it isn’t the determinant you’ve made it out to be. We all know 1st Edition Charizards go for more than cards of significantly smaller production run. So scarcity relative to demand is more important. That’s it.

And I completely reject your suggestion that I’ve witnessed the full demand with three people. That’s unfounded and confirmatory bias rearing its head in the form of assumptions. Every time more information is made available, more people seek them. That’s how it works.

Is it for “hardcore” collectors? That I’ll grant you, assuming you are using hardcore to mean those who are willing to spend a competitive sum to obtain cards they need. It does mean that a thoroughly advertised auction will earn that much, assuming two or more of the interested individuals is both aware and available to bid at the right times.

If value is what people will pay for something, why are these not that valuable when people are willing to pay that for them? That’s my question.

As for having 4 rares: That’s pretty fantastic, actually. Congratulations. If you have the right rares, there is one floating, near-complete set out there and a pretty penny would be fetched for those o’er top of the expected value on the others.

Just because the demand increases when more information is made public doesn’t mean the initial demand was less valid. Basically even if someone would want the cards if they knew they existed they should not be considered in the current demand nor should they affect the potential worth. To answer your question, the amount someone is willing to pay isn’t necessarily how much something is worth unless the product has been made available to multiple individuals like in an auction form. My point is that there are two selling prices. A normal sale price the has a large exposure and a more direct premium price that people are willing to pay either out of desperation or to avoid a potential increase in price from others bidding higher when that might not even be the case. Even though we didn’t know about the other auctions they were still exposed to a large amount of people and they still sold for significantly less then the prices you are suggesting. This is a more valid price range simply because it has been exposed to more buyers even if they weren’t the correct ones.
It is a rather arrogant assumption to assume you have been in contact with the bulk of those interested but when the first thing to come up when searching for these cards in your glorious set and description in the UPCCC thread I think the majority of the people would contact you before anyone else. Considering the only other info out there is a few dead threads I would say it’s at least partially backed
The maximum price you can sell something for doesn’t mean it sets the accurate worth. Of course you contacted everyone interested to have a bid war the price would skyrocket. It’s just not a realistic guide in determining the worth. That’s just my opinion though as I can see both arguments as being valid

I’m not calling the initial demand less valid. I’m calling your assessment of it understated.

Even were I to grant your definition of true value, which must be theoretical because you couldn’t possibly offer to all potentially interested parties, an auction hardly stands up to that. Were you to argue that it is the best of what we have for value as what someone will pay, I’d grant you pragmatic correctness. But I don’t accept that definition of value.

To the different sale prices: That I can grant. There are different markets and different markets realize different prices due to variation in listing and audience characteristics. However, I don’t think that the auction range holds superior relative validity. That’s just bias. But I can agree with you on market multiplicity.

I agree that I would be likely to hear word of the more competitive collectors given the constraints of current documentation. I recognize your point and consider it good and worthwhile. My counter could have been better stated as a point of maximization rather than of existing potential with unaltered documentation. I would encourage anyone looking to sell to establish a better market presence for the cards with higher BINs, fair time, and renewed publicity, that they might also see more of the same offers I’d been receiving.

I agree with the last statement insofar as you are saying that the maximum is a range and a lower range ought to be set. My interest is in looking at a more realistic minimum price, as I don’t think that current auctions are indicative of knowledgable selling tactics, which I’d presume anyone coming this far to learn about the card value might be interested in also implementing. So while I can accept that ranges ought to be given, I still push back heavily against the earliest mentioned price points as the “realistic” value in the existing market, though they might be accurately named the lowest point of the range.

That’s closer. We’re making progress. Haha

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Wow wished I would of seen those up for sale I would of bought them right away
Still looking for the whole set one of each art work

I’m located in the USA do you have all 3 for sale?

For some reason I read the response that it would be cool to have all variants as “it would be cool to see all variants.” I realized after I was wrong but spent too much time making this picture to not share it.

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