Red Logo Fossil and Jungle Booster Packs & Boxes

So what are the values of all the Red Logo items, as in Red Logo Fossil and Jungle booster packs and booster boxes?

Before people really differentiated between them they were always less than their yellow logo counterparts. This is probably because they are not the “American” english release. Recently people have percieved them as rarer but I don’t think they are worth much more than the normal ones if anything.

And, with the utmost respect, I am going to strongly disagree with the above. Based on my experience:

A Red logo Jungle pack singly sells for approximately $10, based on Rusty’s sales over time via eBay. This is about double a typical unlimited jungle pack.

A Red logo Fossil pack fetches between $15 and $20 per pack, which is again a significant premium.

Jungle packs will remain at their lower value because the pack itself is the only significant difference. I believe you are going to see a gradual increase, albeit slow and minor in increments, as the information of the 1999-2000 Fossil set becomes known. This is a VERY significant difference between the Red Logo Fossil pack and teh regular fossil pack.

As for sealed boxes, I think that a Red logo Jungle box is worth approximately twice as much as the regular logo unlimited Jungle box. You would not be crazy to expect to pay $400, and the available options for sales right now are at $500.

The only sealed Red logo Fossil box I’ve even encountered is Rusty’s and it isn’t for sale. So information on that is currently unavailable, but based on the per pack price and the premium for a sealed box like this, it would be easily in the $700-800 range or more, depending on who is selling it.

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About 2 years ago there was a seller on eBay who had multiple Red Logo Jungle Boxes (bought 2 :wink:). They sold for less then the normal Jungle Boxes. I think the price for the Red Logo Boosters, Boxes only went up recently in my opinion.
The Fossil set is a different story. They are rare and you almost never see them for sale.
Now the word is out there that these contain the 1999-2000 print run they will become even more valuable.
I hope to get my 3 sealed Red Logo Fossil Boosters tomorrow :grin: