Australian 1999-2000/Red Logo Fossil Theme Decks?

These red logo decks are hard to find on eBay. I found two sealed theme decks in my collection. Wondering how much they are worth now?

Holy crap, didn’t even know there were red logo theme decks… and the red logo packs/boxes that VERY rarely pop up go for astronomical values.

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The theme decks are worth less than the packs and the boxes. But this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise.

I’m fairly certain @bluey picked her sealed case of them up for a couple hundred bucks or less. Perhaps she can comment with a finer numerical value?

I knew they made a couple of Jungle’s with Red Logo’s but wasn’t aware of Fossil boxes. That said, it does make sense that they made them.

I will grap a set of them if you want :blush:

I paid $250 for my sealed case. I probably overpaid a little, but it was the only one I’d ever seen, so I grabbed it. Haha. Since these are pretty rare on the market, I kind of think it’s really hard to put a price on them. If you’re selling, I’d list them high and take offers.

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I don’t think you overpaid at all. There are just some sealed theme deck displays that are very hard to find and collector’s would pay up any day if they knew it was out there. You would not have any trouble getting double that back unless someone pulls out a stash of these