[Buy/Trade] - XY Legendary Shine Concept Pack [Box]

Hey all, I am in the market for just three cards right now:

XY Legendary Shine Concept Pack [Box] (looking to purchase 3 of these) - $35 ea

Promotional Wants:
Secret Super Battle No. 1
Umbreon 026/PLAY & Espeon 025/PLAY - $4k

ADV2 Miracle of the Desert (complete set minus ex cards)
ADV4 Undone Seal (complete set minus ex cards)
PCG Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean (partial non-holo set w/ Unowns)
Mew & Lucario Gift Box (sealed)
Moltres EX 1ED PSA 10 (Flight of Legends)

Many thanks,

P.S. Full payment will be sent within 24 hours of an agreement, if not more quickly.

@bagoly14 - do you have any of these lying around?

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@m786ali have any of these?

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Thanks guys for helping me out!

Took Kyurem-EX off the list as I managed a great deal on eBay. :wink:

If it’s Mint, I’ll gladly take it for $40!

I’m always flexible with deals. :blush:

Done and done.

Sending you both messages right now. :blush:

are you looking for any japanese promos?

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I’ve got a very small list that I will PM you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I never got that PM

Heh I will get back to you asap. I can’t be on my laptop much atm.

Updated my buy prices (they are higher now).

If anyone out there has extra EBB RH laying around, let me know! I’m missing only 24. :wink:

Updated with a few promos.

Anyone seen these?

I’m so tempted to splurge on eBay (not so good for my wallet).

Figured I should bump this post. :blush:

Still searching! Anyone got these?

Need to replace a few commons. Bump.

Finally done with EBB RH. Now let’s get some Legend RH. :wink:

Updated with Rocket Gang Strikes Back.

I mite have some of the rocket ones in a few days I ordered job lot of them, forgot what’s included though, I’ll have a look when they arrive if any I’ll pm you if you still need then

Sounds fantastic. Thank you!