Jonandek’s Buy Thread

I can direct you to others here that I have bought from for references. I have an ebay account of the same username with perfect 100% feedback over the past 18 years. Looking for the following two cards only right now. Strong 9s only - I am super picky apologize in advance :grin:

Shadowless Chansey PSA 9 $1250
Shadowless Poliwrath PSA 9 $400

Thank you for the consideration. I hope I get some PMs!


+1 Buyer, Recognize the name from the Bay, Enjoy the 'Meleon!



increased all offers ~20% and added gold star gyarados

have increased all offers substantially. To my knowledge these are above recorded sales for each of these cards. Hoping to tease out some sellers. Will leave these open for a week or two then try my luck ebay stalking.


I’ve got a raw Suicune that’s in the 7-8 range.

Thanks. Just sent you a msg

You can find a bgs 9.5 Chansey at less than 2k on Ebay.
If I needed money I would have surely sold mine to you :stuck_out_tongue:

BGS 9.5 doesn’t work for PSA set collectors, and the odds are overwhelming that the BGS 9.5 Chansey used to be a PSA 9 Chansey.


Thanks. I have examined all of those BGS 9.5 chanseys repeatedly. Seems pretty risky to buy those, crack them and potentially get a PSA 9. Am concerned by what I can’t see in the pictures. Also, Pokemon is a PSA collector market. Why would someone grade their “gem mint” Chansey in a Beckett case unless it already been rejected by PSA or they didn’t think it would get a PSA 10? Sorry to sound skeptical but that’s how I think about it.

Edit: echoing enlightenedbulbasaur’s comments


If you can’t get a Chansey for that price today then I shudder to think about eventually getting one for my Chansey collection :stuck_out_tongue:


Chansey is the lowest pop card in the PSA 10 1st edition Base Set, the population has been stuck at 46 for almost 2 years now, and one hasn’t been available (at least publicly) since August.

There just aren’t that many people with a spare PSA 10 1st edition Base Set Chansey available to sell.

Having said that, @jonandek 's offer is the best I’ve seen so far.

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Kudos to anyone who can help explain WHY Chansey is such a low pop card? I know it was played back in the day due to its double edge ability being very strong for a basic pokemon. But curious if there’s a known printing flaw like a dot, holo scratch, off-center, etc?

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your offers are really high lol, in my 2 years+ on efour i don’t think i’ve seen anyone offer so much above market

wasn’t moltres holo from skyridge sold not too long ago for 200+? gyarados for low 2k area etc.

good luck! i’m sure you’ll pick them all up soon


Thank you. I’m aiming for efficiency of time. That said, that’s why I only plan on leaving most of these offers open for a week or two, max. I’m well aware that with patience I could get them for less on ebay.


The Moltres sold for $225 on February 3rd.

Obviously a lot has changed since then, but even looking at recent sales for Skyridge holos it does seem that @jonandek is making offers well above market value for the Skyridge cards.


Obviously anecdotal but I have some of these cards stored away from my apartment and even if I wanted to sell them, wouldn’t feel comfortable travelling due to virus being quite bad in NY… wondering if that may be the case for others.

As for Chansey it is notorious for surface holo scratches.

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@jonandek I sent you a pm.

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Hey! I am glad I got to help you complete the deck. +1 buyer. He got my Skyridge Magneton and Arcanine.


Thanks. And holo scratches make sense on chansey given the light holo background

Bump for a solid buyer+1