GemMint10's Buy Thread

Welcome To my Buy Thread :blush:

I’m located in the United Kingdom


PSA Wants

1st Edition Base Set PSA 10:

Nidoking Thick Stamp: $5500
Magneton Thick Stamp: $6200

1st Ed Professor Oak PSA 9 - $90


Ungraded Wants List - Minty

1st Edition Shadowless
Beedrill - $65
Dragonair - $65
Dugtrio - $65
Electrode - $65
Pidgeotto - $65
Dratini - $50
Wartortle - $50
Bulbasaur - $70
Squirtle - $70
Computer Search - $50
Devolution Spray - $50
Lass - $55
Scoop Up - $50
Super Energy Removal - $50

1st Edition Jungle - Non-Holo
Clefable - $20
Electrode - $20
Flareon - $20
Jolteon - $20
Kangaskhan - $20
Mr. Mime - $20
Nidoqueen - $20
Pidgeot - $20
Pinsir - $20
Scyther - $20
Snorlax - $20
Vaporeon - $20
Venomoth - $20
Victreebel - $20
Vileplume - $20
Wigglytuff - $20
Butterfree - $10
Dodrio - $10
Exeggutor - $10
Fearow - $10
Gloom - $10
Lickitung - $10
Marowak - $10
Nidorina - $10
Parasect - $10
Persian - $10
Primeape - $10
Rapidash - $10
Rhydon - $10
Seaking - $10

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I just sent you a message. :blush:

@dipzy You shouldn’t have said you wanted to open the packs :blush: A lot of the Japanese Furthest Ends boxes I’ve seen are with sealed item collectors.


If you want the singles from EX DF I might be able to help.

Opening a box is a very expensive way to obtain mint cards for the PCG sets.

There are FlashFire boxes on eBay in the lower $90 range. That’s an incredible deal for what is in it and how far removed from release we are. It is only a few dollars above the break even point from a distributor.

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What are you willing to pay/trade?

i can pay around €35 for the common and uncommon cards and more for the rare cards.
Send me a PM and hopefully we can work something out :blush:

Updated wants list

PSA 10 1st Edition Base set English:

42/102 Wartortle
70/102 Clefairy Doll
71/102 Computer Search
74/102 Item Finder
75/102 Lass
80/102 Defender
88/102 Professor Oak
90/102 Super Potion
93/102 Gust of Wind

I don’t think PSA Grades Korean cards.

PSA grade Base set in any language :blush:


Someone who sent cards in told me they couldn’t.


Is Entei in the Korean Base Set?

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No. It’s the Entei Ex from Dark Explores

The user who stated they grade Korean mentioned base set specifically.

I too am unsure if they grade all other sets =/

Read my post again carefully homie.

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I cri


I would ask Barney Ludkins if he has some. That guy would have tons of them.

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Seconding this.

Whatever your opinions may be about him, he’s a great bet at being able to purchase a fair portion of them as he imports them en masse.

I am making a separate post to draw attention to this clarification:

I realize, through the inquiry of another forum member, that my previous commend about Barney Ludkins could make it seem that I personally have reason to distrust him. This is not the case. I have had nothing but pleasant, honest conversation and business with him. However, I know that others here have various shades of opinion about him. My point was to praise him as the most likely trustworthy source for these items regardless of opinion one may hold. It was not to create the idea that there is a case against his integrity.

So this is my clarification to avoid any further misunderstanding. :blush:

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