Charlie's Permanent Buying Thread

Sell me these things.

Prices are negotiable. Date of last update noted below. Offers are conversation starters, but price may go up or down over time if more information becomes available. Please reach out to me at charliecollects on Instagram if you are not receiving a reply here and have something I need available.

LAST UPDATED: 2/25/2024

Odds and Ends:

Lottery CoroCoro Campaign - White Back - Mew/Mewtwo ($2,000 Offer)
Lottery CoroCoro Campaign - White Back - Mewtwo/Misty’s Staryu ($2,000 Offer)
Lottery CoroCoro Campaign - White Back - Surfing Pikachu/Flying Pikachu ($2,000 Offer)

TFG Cards: (Paying $2,000 Each)

Groundbreakers (Triangle Set Symbol):
1 No Wait
2 Power Battle
DISCLAIMER: I do not believe these exist

Graded Cards:

PSA 10 WB Creator Mudkip ($1,000 Offer)
PSA 10 WB Creator Treecko ($1,000 Offer)
PSA 10 WB Creator Wurmple ($300 Offer)
PSA 10 Lucky Stadium - Totodile Side Deck ($500 Offer)
PSA 10 Lucky Stadium - Chugoku/Shikoku ($500 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Rocket’s Entei 095/141 ($200 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Janine’s TM 02 120/141 ($100 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Bruno’s TM 02 124/141 ($100 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Master Ball 141/141 ($35 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Grass Energy ($20 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Fire Energy ($20 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Water Energy ($20 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Lightning Energy ($20 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Psychic Energy ($20 Offer)
PSA 10 VS Fighting Energy ($20 Offer)
PSA 10 2016 XY204 Misty Gym Badge ($400 Offer)
PSA 10 2016 XY206 Erika Gym Badge ($150 Offer)
PSA 10 2016 XY207 Koga Gym Badge ($150 Offer)
PSA 10 WB Creator Treecko ($1,000)
PSA 10 WB Creator Mudkip ($1,250)
PSA 10 WB Creator Wurmple ($300 Offer)



@pokemontrader unfortunately I don’t have any left, but I hope Charlie finds what he’s looking for elsewhere :blush:

Hi, are you still looking for these packs because I have them for sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

@cheaterbug PM’d

Also, I’ve shifted this thread to be my permanent buy thread, so I’ve updated the original post accordingly.

Adjusted main post to reflect recent purchases.

I also need these cards. Helping out a friend:

1 ludicolo - DX10
1 milotic - HL12
1 desert ruins - HL88
6 warp point - EX152
30 rainbow energy - AQ144

Yes, that’s 30 Aquapolis rainbow energies. Can anyone help me out with some of these? SUPER close to completing the most expansive, complete competitive deck collections in the world. He’s just a few cards away.

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I have a PSA 9 Dotcode-less Kyogre ex if you’re interested, Charlie.

Oh yeah. Lets talk.

Still need it. I didn’t clarify well enough at all.

Cleaned this up a little, including two new additions.

Hey, I need a GEM MINT Pokemon Day Pikachu (2009).
This is the cheapest of the three of them, but my mint one managed a 7 somehow and it sticks out of my set. Would like one that can grade at least a 9. Also have NO problem buying a pregraded one if someone happens to have one. That would save me the risk and time.

Let me know if you can help me out!

Updated to include the other Sample Packs I need. I’m actually getting a touch behind and could really use some help catching up if anyone has or has access to any that I have listed at a fair price.

As of now:
Also willing to trade for a used vehicle.
Spent all day looking for a decent one. Have a $7,000 budget. Can’t find anything near me at all that is worth the time of day, let alone my money.
Can trade up difference with cards.

Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha. Dang man that’s a tempting offer.

If you know a mechanic, take it there to check the engine and other stuff

Yeah, I’ve got mechanic friends that are glad to help me look at cars. It is part of the reason I can’t find anything. Everyone wants full price, but they want to ignore that the cars have issues that are a 1-2K immediate sink. So I’ve passed dozens in my range because they just aren’t worth my time/money.

I can trade up on the money another $3-5K comfortably.
If you’ve got another vehicle, or were looking to change vehicles anyway, it’s a great deal versus what you’d get on a trade-in anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Semi-Regular Update Complete

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