[TheCardGuru] Permanent BUY Thread. WOTC / EX / OTHER

This is going to be my permanent Collection Wants Thread.



**Will Accept BGS or CGC 9.5 or higher with price negotiation**

PSA 10s:

  • Skyridge Fisherman Reverse: $125
  • Skyridge Fisherman: $30

Ungraded Wants

*Non-Holos I want in pack fresh condition or a solid NM/M.
*Holos I want in minimum 8 condition. Will pay better for better condition obviously.
*SPECIAL NOTE: I will buy a mint card that has a single flaw keeping it from grading well (small dent or raised corner, etc). Just want good binder cards.


**Looking to complete all 16 EX series sets in Reverse Holo, plus all 139 ex’s and any Secret Rares IN NM/M CONDITION**

  • If you see a list of reverse holos needed for a set - I have most of the set and I’m missing the ones listed.
  • If you don’t see a list of needs for a set - than I need most or all of the set still.
  • Looking to buy large chunks of reverse holos (near complete or complete sets or more). Please don’t message me with just a few cards unless they are single needs from sets I’m close to finishing.

EX Ruby and Sapphire Reverse Holos:

    EX Ruby and Sapphire EX’s:
    EX Sandstorm Reverse Holos: (looking for NM condition - prices vary - lets negotiate on these)
    (**) - means I have the card but need to upgrade it from LP to NM.
  • 12 Shiftry**
  • 18 Kecleon**
  • 21 Sandslash**
  • 23 Steelix**
    - 24 Umbreon
  • 27 Anorith**
    - 31 Azurill
  • 48 Nuzleaf**
  • 61 Duskull**
  • 74 Ralts **
    EX Sandstorm EX’s:
  • Aggron ex - $20-30
  • Gardevoir ex - $30-50
  • Kabutops ex - $30-40
  • Raichu ex - $30-40
  • Typhlosion ex - $30-40

EX Dragon Reverse Holos:

  • 3 Crawdaunt
  • 8 Plusle
    -10 Salamence
    -11 Shedinja
    -12 Torkoal
    -14 Dragonair
    -15 Flygon
    -17 Magneton
    -20 Shelgon
    -28 Forretress
    -29 Graveler
    -30 Graveler
    -31 Grovyle
    -39 Seadra
    -42 Shelgon
    -46 Vibrava
    -47 Vibrava
    -49 Bagon
    -56 Geodude
    -60 Magikarp
    -72 Slugma
    -80 Treecko**
    -84 Energy Recycle System
    -85 High Pressure System
    -88 TV Reporter
    EX Dragon EX’s:
  • Golem ex - $15-25
  • Latias ex - $30-40
  • Latios ex - $30-40
  • Muk ex - $15-25
  • Charmander (98/97)
  • Charizard (100/97)

EX Team Magma v Aqua Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Team Magma v Aqua EXs:
-Need All.

EX Hidden Legends Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Hidden Legends EXs:
-Need All.

EX FRLG Reverse Holos:-Need All.
-Need All.

EX Team Rocket Returns Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Team Rocket Returns EXs:
-Need All.

EX Deoxys Reverse Holos:
-Need about half.
EX Deoxys EXs:
-Need All.

EX Emerald Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Emerald EXs:
-Need All.

EX Unseen Forces Reverse Holos:
-Need All.
EX Unseen Forces EX’s:
-Need All.

EX Delta Species Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Delta Species EXs:
-Need All.

EX Legend Maker Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Legend Maker EXs:
-Need All.

EX Holon Phantoms Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Holon Phantoms EXs:
-Need All.

EX Crystal Guardians Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Crystal Guardians EXs:
-Need All.

EX Dragon Frontiers Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Dragon Frontiers EXs:
-Need All.

EX Power Keepers Reverse Holos:-Need All.
EX Power Keepers EXs:
-Need All.


Sealed Product Wants:
Game Boy Color Atomic Purple NM/M Sealed: $1000+ (Graded or Not)


  • NM/M Call of Legends Sets
  • NM/M Undaunted Scizor and JPN 1st Edition Scizor
  • NM/M HGSS Complete Sets.

I wish I had some of your wants, those Chrome Sparkles are sweet! I think someone was looking really hard for a Sparkle Gengar, do you have that? If you do, hopefully I can remember who wanted it and maybe they have what you want/need! @thecardguyz


Yes I do have that in PSA 10. If you know who it was - send them my way :blush:

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Had to remove my ebay link for inventory so I took pictures of everything and uploaded it here. Post dramatically updated with all cards I have. :blush:

How much for the Sparkles Haunter PSA 10? Also ungraded sparkles, tekno, and spektra individual prices? That is if you’re selling.

@thesatanicreshiram,make sure to tag @thecardguyz or reply w/ a quote in your post. It will help with visibility in the thread :blush:.

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The Haunter PSA 10 sparkle is sold. Shoot me a PM with a more specific wants and maybe a couple offers and I can consider it!

This is now just a buy thread and has been updated accordingly. It will be my permanent buy thread from here out.

I have raw NM 1st ed base holos if youre intrested, alakazam nidoking magneton poliwrath

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Do you have any interest in a NM 1st edition Neo Discovery set? Let me know/shoot me a PM!

I presume your PSA 10s are all English version? Not interested in Japanese version right?

that’s correct.

Updated big time.

You listed 1st base Raichu for 350.00.
The last two sold for 600.00 and 750.00. This year they’re all over 600.00.
I would sell for 550.00 but your 350 offer makes me think I’m missing something?

Never mind. Sorry I just sold the thick to someone who saw my above post.


Just sold a magneton psa 9 for 355 so you might want to up that one. Others on ebay are up there too

Made that pricing over a month ago. Apparently things have changed. Prices update too fast for me to be accurate on everything… When I made pricing about the last 4 had sold around 400-450.

There is a WATA 9.4 on Instagram (90s_collector).

Thanks! I’ve been in contact with him since before he even got it back HA! In negotiations currently. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

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I sent you a PM.