Will be updating this thread every so often with the cards or sealed product I’m interested in buying/trading for. Some prices I will negotiate on some prices are firm. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching all the prices so I may be off on some.

Legendary CollectionReverse Holos Ungraded NM/MINT condition $5-$20 ($125 For Charizard)
Reverse Holos PSA 10 $40-$250 ($550 For Charizard) other prices depend on the card
Regular Holos Ungraded MINT $5-$15 ($100 For Charizard)
Regular Holos PSA 10 $70-$250+
Theme Deck Non-Holo Charizard MINT ungraded $30
Theme Deck Non-Holo Dark Raichu MINT ungraded $15
Theme Deck Non-Holo Dark Blastoise MINT ungraded $15
Regular Rares, Uncommons, and Commons - Prefer deals of 100+ cards willing to buy everything you have in NM/Mint condition

Turmoil Theme Deck Sealed $125
Sealed Booster Box $2,500

Fire Red Leaf Green PSA 10Blastoise Ex $140
Charizard Ex $300
Clefable Ex $75
Electrode Ex $60
Gengar Ex $120
Gyarados Ex $75
Mr. Mime Ex 111 $60
Mr. Mime Ex 112 $60
Venusaur Ex $100
Charmander Secret Rare $80
Articuno $90
Moltres $80
Zapdos $80

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@garyis2000 was going for this, he may have some dupes

Also if anyone has any legendary collection theme decks or booster packs for sale I would be interested to buy.

Individual booster packs $30 ea.
Lava theme deck $80 ea.
Turmoil $45 ea.

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You’re not talking graded cards are you? If you are, PM me.

Double post soz, but on a different matter.

Looking to buy PSA 8-9 Legendary Collection reverse holos. Prefer to buy in bulk because shipping to Aus sucks. Please let me know what you’ve got :blush:

Good luck, this is one of the hardest if not the hardest set to grade in 10.

Yeah. PD lines for the win :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:? i have a few gems in my set. But only a few

Looking to buy ungraded mint condition cards too! Let me know if you have any for sale


Still looking for legendary collection PSA 10 cards. Also any ungraded legendary collection reverse holos or regular holos in mint condition.

Also looking for both sealed theme decks. Willing to pay $80 for lava and $45 for turmoil. If you got 1 or 10 I will buy them all.

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out of interest what would you pay for a PSA 10 reverse holo legendary collection

Good question. Your answer could flush some out:)

Thanks Gary I only ask because I was going to go for the set myself but seems like everyone is a it’s really.hard to do so got one in psa 10

I’d say $40 minimum for any PSA 10 reverse holo. Or up to $200 for some of the rare lower population ones. Besides charizard of course i’d be willing to pay more but I’d prefer to get that graded a 10 myself. As for the normal holos anywhere from $60-$250+++
I’m mainly interested in the reverse set first but open to buy the holos as well. Not looking to pay your mortgage for these though, I am fine with taking a few years to complete this set. If I have to grade them all myself thats fine too, I get a couple 10’s each time I send some cards in.

Update: I’m now interested in buying the normal non holo rares, uncommons and commons from legendary collection. If you have a bulk amount of these let me know. I’m looking for mint condition cards only.


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Changed the thread up a bit added a lot of cards and prices.

Your pricing for the 1st ed shining magikarp and Gyarados psa 10s are much much too low. These cards go for 250-300 each. The magikarp I believe Is even more difficult to obtain the GYARADOS

Damn ok, like I said I didn’t really look at the prices at all. I’m sure many of my prices are low but but I’m not trying to screw someone over. You guys know the value of your cards. I just decided to start collecting these and will update the prices when I get some time to check out the sold listings on eBay. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m not harping on ya about it brotha. Just trying to help you out. it’s a tough hobby to keep up on prices. especially 1st ed base set psa 10s lol. prices are cruising up there and I’m so confused XD

I hear ya, the prices have been changing every month lately.

ya. mostly up up and awayyyyyyyy lol