Giant auction thread?

@Admin - Please consider reopening the Random and unusual Y!J links thread (aka The giant auction thread). It was a good place for the chatter about auctions.

I respectfully disagree. It was the ultimate thread.

It seems to me that we had a fabulous first year together and then things went wrong. Dogma started the big merge, you locked the mess, dogma went into silence and since then the site is pretty much dead (aside from pm and from UU occasionally posting her gorgeous pictures). What a pity.

But hey, it’s your site and you make the rules and I accept it. At least we had one very good year - thanks for that!

(breaking radio silence)

All, please don’t fight. :slightly_frowning_face: DJ is right that its an entirely separate issue which means I don’t think I’ll ever post much again. Yeah, I still disagree with the merging thing (and obviously the thing which has made me not post any more) but the admin have your best interests at heart.

I’ve not stopped collecting, I’ve not even left UPCCC - which a lot of you should know, I’m at 785 PM’s - and I still check the site more than once a day.

If anything, I’m more annoyed that you all haven’t started protesting demanding for my return! :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:

OK, whilst I’ve broken silence, where the heck is darkrai? I owe him money and he owes me cards! Found him :grin: (Actually I have a ton of stuff to say about Pokémon news and products since I’ve left but I’ll leave that to PMs, otherwise this post will be the size of War and Peace :wink:

EDIT: C’mon guys no fighting!!! If you want stimulating discussion about collecting, hit me up on PM. I have loads to chat about, I actually have a few theories about the direction the TCG is taking. (But my decision to not come back to admin is final, even if the current admin wanted me back :blush: )

I sorta feel like it’s my fault for starting that topic that the whole thing happened. It has been kinda dead here but I do enjoy the freedom here compared to gym and pokebeach. As well as i just started collecting Japanese cards this past month. I miss dogma filling up all the topics.

Yeah it has been a little slow, then again nothing really big has happened regarding collecting lately.

Hopefully around Christmas time more cards will pop up which means more purchases :blush:

@dj – Thanks for explaining the situation. It was just that all three bad things (merge, lock & silence) happened at around the same time. So I was jumping to the conclusion that they were related which apparently they weren’t. And I agree, locking of a single thread wouldn’t kill the site.

@dogma – My post was certainly not intended to start a fight and I’m sorry if it came across that way. However I do peacefully protest your going into the big silence and I demand your return. Turns out the site doesn’t work too well without you acting as master of ceremonies. As far as I can see your being an admin or not being an admin has little to do with it. It’s all a matter of posting. Or not posting. Well, up to you.

@reina – I’ll be happy to make an effort to bring the site back to where it was but how exactly would I go about it? I’m afraid we’re in a bit of a fix. Arguably, we’re stuck with this looming *issue* (a card deal gone sour? a fallout among admins?) which seems to dampen the enthusiasm around here. But our esteemed current and former admins don’t want to go into all of the gory details, at least not in public, which of course is perfectly fine, and indeed I’d hate nagging them, especially dogma after dragging him back from cozy silence right into the spotlight. So all I can hope for is that someone in the know reads this and quietly and permanently fixes the *issue*, thereby allowing people to come back in. And we can all live happily ever after.

I agree with Daria. Before coming to this site all I knew was regular cards but after reading what many people have wrote here I can honestly say I have grown as a pokemon collector. You guys are the top collectors in the world and it really helps new collectors like us to hear what you guys have to say. I message mike, UU, and Scott all the time for their opinions because it means a lot to get their opinions on these things.

I agree to that Haze,
though I don’t really know anyone’s names, Ive learned a lot from you all already and hope to become a great collector :slight_smile:


I would really appreciate not discussing this anymore.

Everyone can speculate why I’ve decided not to post, but I thought for the sake of UPCCC not to get into a public fight with the admin. Let me be clear - there are definitely things the admin can do to make me return but they’ve refused to do those things so here we are. Being unceremoniously kicked out of the admin group earlier definitely didn’t help matters.

Rather than second-guess my sudden disappearance, I think it’d be more productive for UPCCC and the community in general to carry on in the spirit as before. Things I’ve really wanted to discuss but haven’t had the space to are:

  1. 15th anniversary pack - who’s buying, who thinks it’s a cynical money grab?

  2. who expected more from a 15th anniversary year?

  3. continuing the research on trophy cards - and the debate (debate might annoy Scott, tread carefully :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:)

  4. are we honestly getting a new dragon type to the TCG? OMG!

  5. BW4; and the BW series in general. Think it’s been a good era for sets, poor for promos but i saw comment on collectorviper that she likes the variety this time - I really need to investigate that!

  6. victory cup promos - jump on darias thread and buy or help research! Are the Japanese ones really that rare? Prices seem to be jumping from 80k yen to 50k yen, huh? I have a theory about when cards should be considered tpci-exclusive rather than pcl-exclusive too - I don’t think our thinking of ‘oh it came out first in America’ works

  7. card prices - we’re seeing some big increases on some cards I think - economic conditions looked like they were improving but who else thinks it’s a buyers market for some time yet?

Anyone could’ve started these threads, and everyone should feel welcome to add to the debate. Just because I’ve stopped posting doesn’t mean UPCCC needs to die. I mean I’m flattered and all but come on UPCCC should be bigger than one person (even if that person is me :stuck_out_tongue:)

I need to start a blog or website or something, if you guys are all going to sit here moping for my return! (But come on guys I might know about cards but then so do all of you, talk to each other!)

And if you’re really moping for my return, I’m only a PM away. I got only one PM today, and that’s about a sale. If you want my opinion or just want to chat, I’m still responding to every single message I receive.

But please, no speculating about why I’ve stopped posting. If the admin want to share, be my guest. But I want this to be the last I say on the matter