The PWCC Megathread

Here is the Megathread for PWCC listings. This way the GAT won’t have overlapping discussions during PWCC Pokemon listings.

Feel free to post any PWCC auctions and/or discuss any in this thread.


How about we talk about this one

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Deleted post and moved here.

So since the bidding has ended I feel like I can discuss this more. Went for very cheap, $90 under the last sale. I would have bid on it but it appears to have rails damage on the bottom left.

Once again, PWCC’s lack of good pictures just kills it.

As a side note, lots of stuff went for quite cheap this round of auctions. People saving for christmas shopping?

SMH. I’ve said my piece on this already.


The most recent 1st edition PSA 10 Blastoise sale was definitely hurt by the fact that there were 4 others currently available for sale on eBay.

An abomination, ended thousands above what it should have, people don’t seem to mind buying the grade, regardless of what the card looks like,

the GS rayquaza had 4 white dots on its corners and still seems like it went for an all time high? (correct me if i’m wrong)


So I won this card in this round of auctions:

It seemed like a low price for a Japanese exclusive Pikachu with such a low PSA 10 pop so I went for it. But now I’m wondering… uhhh… what is it? LOL. Did I do good?

EDIT: Apparently Bulbapedia says the card features a reference to Smash bros Melee, in which case this card is amazing and I regret nothing :blush:


posting spoils :^)

I really wanted that, and I was the second highest bidder, but I was driving and didn’t up my bid in time.
I think I would have went to about 180 on it, so I may not have won it anyway. Maybe next time. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was my first card I owned in PSA 10, my second ever graded card. I think it was $30 + shipping, and that was a decent amount of money for me to shell at that point!

Yes you did! I’ve sold that card for significantly more. I would have bid if I saw the listing.


Anyone else think the spread of prices on Japanese World Championship pack Cards was weird?

I know it is a niche market, but that is why I expected a few people to bid, and similar items to end at similar amounts.

All PSA 10 except for Flygon, all 1st edition

11.3 Flygon ex

11.5 Walrein ex

16.5 Delcatty holo

17.3 Metagross ex

20.05 Claydol ex

20.5 Blaziken holo

24.5 Skarmory ex

34.3 Salamence ex

37 Pikachu non-holo common

50 Slaking holo

51 Gardevoir holo

56 Raichu holo

127 Absol ex

Pretty much expected ex cards to do better (to earn about double for all of them, and half for Absol), WC packs are legit non-existent
Also didn’t think 3 holos would do so well, and then the other 2 were closer to what I thought they would all earn

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It was fun while it lasted…but PWCC beat my record Gold Star Ray selling price of $6k with a selling price of $6,400. Wheewwww laawwwdddd! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great steal mate. I had my eyes on this one along with the “with you wagon” pika but I have to choose between them and the shining tar. I went for the shining tar and won it. The 2 pikas went rather cheap imho.

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The Psa 9 Unlimited Base Zard ended close to what I’ve expected (~250usd). I guess its price increase is inevitable.

Got sad that I lost this auction, but really happy it went to a fellow E4 member.

Cheers bud :blush:

Got my ooyama pikachu though, at least I have that going for me.

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Awww, damn I’m sorry about that. I feel like I just picked a ghost orchid from the ground right in front of a botanist because I thought it was a pretty flower.

I hope you find a copy one day :blush:

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Thanks, no biggie at all! All’s fair and I’m still happy it went into good hands :blush:

It’s more like seeing a product on the shelf at a reduced price and a buddy got to it first. I did not get the deal, but someone else got a great deal and if I really wanted it I can still pay more for it :blush:

Thank you :blush:

Let’s just say I’m glad you didn’t go for the Pika :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty happy I managed to get web karp.


I tried but I guess I can’t keep up with 3 bids. So you got the with you wagon pika?

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