1st Ed Jungle


i put the odds at exactly 0 this gets paid for lol!!

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:joy::joy::joy: for a second I thought that said $1200 and was like yeh that’s a steal then blinked again and saw the other digits

I just posted this in the PWCC megathread, but some Twitch streamers (Ludwig, Mizkif, and moistcr1tikal) were talking about going in together on one of the 1st edition jungle boxes. So of course some trolls in their chats bid them up so that they couldn’t buy them anymore. That’s why one of the boxes ended at $1,203,400.00.

In the end, the streamers ended up going in together on a $30,000 first edition gym challenge booster box (sold by acebren) that they will each open on their respective streams. Probably overpriced, but they will easily make their money back in ad revenue.


the frustrating part with this is it confuses everyone else looking for one of these boxes or someone that may have one to sell. funny though. i wonder what the seller thinks lol. dont buy the lambo yet!

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