IMO 'insider-thread' isn't a good idea

I logged on today to discover to much surprise and disappointment a new thread that as far I can tell will give a lot of problems with this site.

First no serious collector is going to post anything that could hurt him or her in acquiring something rare. Sure only ‘members’ can view it but that is enough to jeopardize a trade. Also this will bring more people on to this site trying to find secret information on deals.

I do not have to tell anyone that in the upper-realm of near impossible to find and afford cards it gets very, very ugly and competitive.

I see potential law-suits issuing from this problem especially from sellers who have their information slip prior to sales from some ‘insider’ be it a family member, friend or whatever.

If I were the Admins I would get rid of the thread which will just unravel a lot of problems, no one here is a lawyer no one knows how to legally deal with confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and whatever else that may ensue.

Wil this is not realistic, it is a good idea, you need to take it easy.

What are you on about Will?

There is nothing particularly secretive about that thread. All members can see that thread if they’re logged in. Anybody can become a member by merely registering to the forum like any other.

The first thing to go into the forum will be a guide for people to use Yahoo! Japan.

I’m speaking for another member, but when I asked how he got Korean cards, he didn’t want to put that information for everyone to take his valuable source. That’s fair enough - but he was also open to sharing that information to members.

This is the sort of thing that will go into this forum. I think anyone can create posts in it, so feel free to put whatever you want in there.

I don’t have a clue what your bit about confidential information and ‘ugly and competitive’ stuff is. Collecting is fun for me - if it stopped being fun, I’d stop doing it. This isn’t life or death. If you take things that seriously, you wouldn’t post it in the thread.

Noone will force anyone else to share information either - it’s up to you what you want to put there.

I think you’ve missed the point of the thread. Paranoid much?

EDIT: LOL Two admins for the price of one!

This site is great because people share information and talk about their collection. A members only viewable board might encourage people to share additional information that they would otherwise be reluctant to share, such as information about Korean cards or how to search Yahoo Japan—which would be a good thing.

I don’t see any legal issues or lawsuits arising from a board requiring you to log in to view it.

On the other hand I do like the spirit of the current site with access to all the information (except admin board) being freely available to everyone who is interested. That will no longer be the case with a members only viewable board.

But why not try it out for a few months and see how it goes?

Perhaps I am being paranoid and unrealistic but even if I am what good will the thread do that say the buy/trade/sell thread cannot accomplish?

I have no problem with someone posting something that they have that they are thinking of selling on eBay or somewhere else; the problem becomes when people are posting what other people are selling prior to sales and without permission.

Information is very valuable, because of its value, its unique value not unlike say a pokemon card for analogy can be prone to counterfeit measures, this insider information may jeopardize confidentiality among sellers and collectors causing less information to be shared than would have been the original intent because now people have an incentive to give information to upset certain power structures.

Theoretically, realistically and legally the potential is a potential for problems. Not now but don’t be too surprised if information is ‘shared’ that wasn’t supposed to be and you (the Admins) as ‘innocent’ as your intentions were, are found guilty of giving an incentive of causing a misuse and an abuse of trust of the Collecting community and even and especially if the information that is given out comes directly from pokemon itself.

Advice to everyone, any and all information post as ‘speculative’ and leave out detail of names and exact dates in order to avoid potential and negative legal-ramifications. This isn’t a laughable brush the salt and dust off the shoulders type of issue.

Wil you are entitled to your opinion, but if you keep posting about legal issues I will have to act as an admin because it is just completely ridiculous.

First, no one is going to do anything legal unless there is a threat or something unlawful along those lines, which to this date the only thing close to anything being considered at that level was your post about the silvestros that I removed…

If you want to teach us about how something is legal check your track record first mate. Sharing information on pokemon is not going to cause a problem, it is incentive for people to join just as any site has forums that are viewable by members. That is the realistic answer.

Will, you’ve just got it plain wrong mate.

Sorry, nothing you’re saying makes sense. I’m a qualified accountant with specific training on confidentiality. I know the rules regarding insider trading and have dealt with transactions in the billions. Nothing about this thread causes any issues.

Either accept that, or don’t bother with the thread.

BTW - if anyone else has strong comments, feel free to continue to post

I’M NOT GOING BONKERS UNTIL I USE ALL CAPS!!! (too late :stuck_out_tongue:)

dogma your job sounds fascinating and one that doesn’t or didn’t pay you enough I would think you would have bought all the cards at least twice over, transactions in the billions who you dealing with?! quick give me ‘speculative’ names and account information ;D

My argument wasn’t money related but if information slipped that wasn’t supposed to slip, like Pokemon was thinking of issuing some new promo-cards and someone let that slip on this site prior to release. Though since this site so underground and such a blip on the radar it shouldn’t matter I guess, I hope, damn it! stop being so paranoid!

(I need to get out more and get myself a life, I make losers look like winners by comparison :slightly_frowning_face:)

Well this has clearly run its course. Locked