PokeCollector - An all-new website!

My first reaction (without going to the site) is why not just start an English-focused section here?

However, you’re right the admins here are pretty much Japanese focused, and that dictates the general vibe here.

So, if you still want your own site, good luck :blush:

PS: it’s already got a better name than UPCCC, even if it is less original :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol thanks, and LOL! I have a very unoriginal name. I knew I would be better off starting a new website, so that way I know where to go when I do need to focus on my Japanese stuff. Thanks for the well wishes.

You can always talk about english cards. I know a good amount about english promos, it is just that japanese cards eclipse the english ones in quantity, quality, rarity and stories behind each.

But with that said you can always talk about whatever you want really on here.

Oh I know Scott :wink: Same with the new site, you’d always be open to talking about Japanese promos. I just think that alot more oppertunities and sales would be available with a seperate english-oriented site.

Go for it.

My first reaction to Dan with this site was “who the hell will visit an entire site for just collecting”

I’ve made loads of friends and bought loads of rare cards as a result.

Hope it grows like this one has. If it doesn’t get traffic, just merge it with this one :wink: (DJ as founder of this site would have the last say in that of course)

Exactly. If you are not getting reception on english cards, the demand just might not be there. I am interested in english cards, it is just that japanese cards come out in larger numbers so things tend to lean that way.

I personally never really made a distinction in this site between it being japanese prominent or english. I think pokemon in general will naturally lean towards japanese cards/items since it is a japanese creation and thrives in japan more than anywhere in the world.

Bah DJ stop being a loserer and join the dark side!

(and as a side note, I’m on a mission to make loserer an official word :blush: )

Yes! that is true. I am the same in collecting, I look for the japanese cards that are not preinted in english, but if it is I will get the english copy over the japanese. And the point about ebay is exactly why english cards do not get discussed because literally 90% percent of the cards are available all the time.