Japanese, English or Other?

So, when it comes to Pokemon cards, there are two main languages they are released in, Japanese and English. They are/were also released in Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and probably a few more, but the main languages collectors collect is either English or Japanese. So, my question is this:

Which language(s) do you collect cards in and why?


First and foremost Japanese - great quality, cards that are never released anywhere else.
Korean - because you can never have too many cards.
English - because it is still fun to find cards in stores.
any other language I find cards in.

english cause murica. Japanese cause they have cooler cards and german because i love the language


English only.
Any other language is only represented by random pick-ups here and there.

Don’t forget French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:

“and probably a few more”


I collect English and Japanese and want to collect Spanish

English because they’re easily accessible and easier to trade + nostalgia reasons

Japanese because nothing beats that galaxy holofoil for the original cards, plus it all began in Japan so I get this surreal connection with the far east whenever I look at an old Japanese card

Spanish because I want to re-learn Spanish and I actually think by learning to read the text on the cards would be a really fun way to get back into it (I wonder how many sets were released in Spanish?)



  1. Original Pokemon cards
  2. Many Japanese exclusive cards
  3. Everything is printed in 1ED and Unlimited – I *LOVED* the 1ED mechanic of old WoTC cards
  4. Highest quality
  5. Inexpensive

I think I switched to Japanese when I realized how superior the card quality is. I really enjoy the classic design of English cards, but I just can’t stand the cheap quality of everything since Black & White. Everything before then was fine, but the lack of 1ED prints really tailors the English cards toward players and not so much collectors who value that detail.


English only, and only WoTC era.

like pokephd was saying, the 1st edition mechanic adds so much depth to the collect-ability


I initially started with English, but ran out of cards, so I went to japanese. Once I discovered japanese exclusive promos, it was game over.

I still collect both today. Each have their positives, but pokemon being a japanese hobby, japanese cards are naturally going to have more perks than english, and definitely more unique illustrations.

The decline in quality of recent english sets is a turnoff for sure. I think the distinction you made David is on point. Newer English cards are primarily for players, especially with the lack of 1st Edition variants. Perhaps that is where grading can lend a hand as it adds a level of collect-ability.


English mostly. Japanese only if the cards were never translated.

Not sorry about it. :wink:

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Japanese Action Flipz…

and that’s why i collect modern japanese cards, because they come in 1st edition :blush:

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Japanese, the original and the best :blush:

English = old school sealed items
Japanese = modern xy sets, slightly cheaper compared to english versions and quality simply rocks

With graded cards both languages because various collecting goals. :blush:

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Do you guys think a re-introduction of 1st Edition to the English releases would only increase sales short term, or would it be more profitable long term as well?

it would possibly get myself into the newer cards, even though they still look stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

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The idea of a set with 1st Edition and Reverse Holo variations gets me so pumped.

I would have to collect sets again just for the raw challenge.

I think short-term, with adverse effects making the unlimited runs worth more in the long-run because so many people would think “oh boy look 1st editions lets save them up and keep them sealed.” Meanwhile the unlimited versions get tossed to the side.

What would really be cool would be a reprint of the early wotc sets particulary the gym sets (because the full-art trainers would be sick). So I guess if they re-made red and blue (again) for the 3ds.

I love 1st edition Japanese, so I would have no problem with English getting it. It would really only be a collectors thing, which I think TPCI needs to do a bit more of. There’s a lot of player-service with FA trainers and such, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen something purely for collectors.