Collecting Japanese Cards VS English Cards

Hello Everyone!

I have been collecting for many years but just recently started to take it seriously. One of the main things I have noticed looking through other members collections is that many of you collect Japanese card instead of English. I have heard many people believe the Japanese cards to be of higher quality and that is why they collect them.

I personally only collect English cards and just wanting some opinions


We’ve discussed this in the past, look here for opinions!

I collect both English and Japanese. I do prefer Japanese because of the higher card quality, and as I also PSA grade my cards, the higher chance of a PSA 10.

Thank you for the link. Also, next question I know it depends on the situation,card and condition but do you recommend PSA grading cards in general?

It’s all up to you. Grade if you want, but don’t feel you have to grade your cards. Personally, I find it highly rewarding. It increases the value of your cards and lends you extra exclusivity. An anecdote I always use is how I searched for a very long time and went through about 10-15 full art Darkrai EXs from Dark Explorers. I picked the mintiest one, sent it off, and it got a 10. There are probably thousands of full art Darkrai EXs out there, but I have one of five graded a 10 :blush:

Wow thats awesome! I have wanted to send cards to get graded but it’s so expensive. But, I understand it can be worth it, so I guess I have to bite the bullet and see what I got. :blush:

Japanese cards are terrible. They are the worst quality, consistently miscut, contain made up pokemon, are made from endangered tree species’ material, soaked of sweat from the child factory workers, uhh… hard to read… uh… full of stds…

nah wait a minute… I meant to say English cards are this^^ I read a lot that your’re better off collecting Japanese. To me, it seems like a much easier task collecting English. There are less super rare cards where only 5 are known and -2 have been see up for auction in the last 5 years. There are only a few English cards like that if any. Plus I only speeka da English.

Haha hey if they are constantly miscut that is ok. I love Error Cards. And I wouldnt even know where to start with collecting Japanese cards. And I love English cards and for the love of god I hope they have 0 STDs

I was being a tad facetious, but there is apparently a significant enough difference for people to notice

I haven’t collected any Japanese cards since jungle set but seriously with the quality control of factories is there that much of a difference in the newer sets?

I have opened some boxes of of English cards that were complete crap. I think it was black and white next destinies or something.

But how did you tell with them getting graded? Maybe I just have a bad eye

they looked like they had been run over multiple times