Japanese vs English cards

If both are gem mints…which do you prefer? Should you collect japanese cards or not?

It’s all up to you. I collect both, and so do a lot of other people as well :blush:

The English cards are harder to grade 10s, but the Japanese ones are usually way better looking


Potts is dead on.
I only have 100 or so Japanese cards listed but my collection is as large as my English.

If your trying to build a graded collection I’d recommend buying graded English cause of the difficulty to get good grades out of them. Then only buy ungraded Japanese and grade them yourself and you save a lot.


I believe we already have a thread that discusses this somewhat, feel free to take a look.


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Thanks a lot man yeah I’m trying to get a small psa collection of charizards tg. I will keep what you said in mind. Seems like a legit way to go about it. Now to find someone with a english version of the charizards want with psa gem mint 10…thats another task lol. Thanks tho guys!

I love Japanese cards. However, that’s because I find English pack quality now lower grade and a lot harder to profit from opening boxes.


Just went through this dilemma myself and decided on collecting japanese cards. Only in the older sets though, the new sets do nothing for me :confused:

Japanese for sure. Mini sets, decks, special promos, event cards and many many more awesomeness only available in Japanese. Plus: special holo effects! Charizard Lv. X for example 0_o

Just wish I could read japanese!


I think someone said Rosetta Stone was having a sale?

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