Is there a japanese equivalent of efour?

The title really says it all. I’m curious where japanese people go to talk about pokemon. If they have some kind of forum, it would be so instructive to learn from, especially about some of the pre-1999 cards. I’ve tried to search (in english and japanese) on google and on yahoo but haven’t found anything. So maybe someone here knows?


@doublefelix921,To be fair, efour is pretty good for japanese card talk. I personally collect vintage japanese promos from 1996 to early 2000’s.

Plenty of collectors here love japanese cards and product, so if you post about it, especially the vintage stuff, someone is sure to reply. Just the other day I asked about some odd japanese cards a buddy had and I got a response with pictures of the exact release and packs they came in almost immediately.

Efour does it all in my book.




Hi Sensei, I don’t know if there is a Japanese version of this forum, but I wanted someone to copy and paste it with Google Translate.







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A quote from my grandpa



@nikhil , グーグル翻訳クソ吸う


This is all well and good mostly for the TCG, but I think when it comes to Japan’s side of merchandise, we’ve only touched the major basics. When you consider things outside of the TCG, Sealdass, Carddass, and sticker sets, there is a WHOLE other world out there we’ve only seen a little bit of. And with unique exception to things that members like @pichufan & @shizzlemetimbers find on their hunts, there’s likely more we don’t even know. Including vintage stuff.

Consider also PokeRev’s recent opening of a fake Japanese booster box - prior to that stream, almost none of us seemed to have any experience or knowledge of fake Japanese product like that, especially of that quality. However, I wondered while watching it if something like a “Japanese E4” may have already known.

I started collecting comics that released between 1995 and 1999 for example. Inside are depictions of classic Pokemon redrawn in so many different ways. There are adverts for unique collectibles for things we’re only discovering now despite being in existence for over 20 years. There are so many things we don’t get on the English market because there were things produced that weren’t translated to the Western world. Comics, special merchandise that was released with other Japanese companies, figurines, unique art work, plushies, and other weird and interesting knick-knacks. Pokemon may have exploded on the Western front, sure, but ground zero is LITTERED with endless goodies.

I would be curious as well to see if there’s a Japanese equivalent of this forum.


I can definitely echo what @azulryu has said above. This forum covers the TCG cards relatively well (although people outside of Japan in general tend to have a very skewed view of what is considered rare/valuable), but it barely scratches the surface when it comes to other officially-released Japanese merchandise.

It might be nice to have a non-TCG product discussion section, but I imagine that’d either fail to gain traction or would still focus mostly on English product (which is often a rehash of what’s been released in Japan anyway).


I have found a few websites that have some cool information in japanese. Besides the corocoro magazines available to read, there is also this site in which japanese share memories of all the old merch from the earliest days of pokemon:

I found it interesting and ended up reading the whole thing. I haven’t tried exhaustively but so far I didn’t find much more on this site.

What spurred this question is that lately I’ve been really interested to find ANY primary sources about the release of the two promo cards from 1997 Carddass. Of course there’s pokeboon and the sources he lists, but when I say primary sources I’m looking for stuff like…
-a mention in corocoro
-a poster
-the cardboard backing of a vending machine
-information directly on the bandai or carddass website

So far no luck. There are a lot of possible routes to try but I have already spent a few days on this lol.

I hope that a section for japanese stuff outside the standard TCG will be added (and discussed/frequented) since there’s a world of items to discover, but I also hope not too many start stealing my delas >.<


: ( はい。


Not sure about the proper conjugation on the first part of that last sentence (correct me if its incorrect).

I would be so down for this section! I collect postcards, stamps, figures, books…pretty much anything cool that catches my eye while I’m down the Japanese market rabbit hole every night.

The sentence seems a little off. I think I would probably just write it like this:
No worries, though — I have issues with grammar/writing idiomatically and always welcome corrections myself.

On another note, I asked a Japanese friend who collects vintage Pokémon and Magic cards if there is some sort of Japanese collector forum. He said that as far as he knows there isn’t one. He added that collectors and sellers there don’t seem to readily share information with each other, especially not in a large-scale or formal manner.
It sounds like the exact opposite of what we’re doing here. Haha. Still, perhaps there is something out there he isn’t aware of.


Agree! I pretty much exclusively deal w Japanese cards nowadays and my personal collection is almost all non tcg. Most of which I still don’t fully understand the background or origin of. I think this would be a great addition to the site here.

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