Where do I find infos on Japanese stuff & old sets?

Apart from eBay and Google in general, where can I find infos on old japanese cards/sets/stuff? E4 is a good option, but I don’t always receive an answer, so are there sites or tricks to find what I’m looking for on the internet?



Depending on what you’re searching for, Bulbapedia is usually the best place to go for Japanese sets/promotional card information. Their database has extensive information that can help you find what you’re looking for.

Here are some useful links:

A list of all set releases

1996 - 2005 Promotional Card releases
2006 onwards



Yes I forgot to mention that I already know about Bulbapedia. I’m looking for niche stuff that you rarely see, so Bulbapedia isn’t good enough.

For example if I want a set list of the Anime Collection cards released in '98 or a list of the Sealdass set or infos on the Zukan cards etc I won’t find them on Bulbapedia

Bulbapedia is the best information for time value as everything has been mapped out.

Its the niche Japanese blogs that have those missing links Bulbapedia does not provide. You can try those but you will be spending a lot of time combing though them just for one image or one experience-based story from a winner or player or owner of the item. Google translate will be your best friend here.

Just search in google the Japanese characters of whatever you are looking for (you can find the Japanese characters on Bulbapedia) and add ‘blog’ at the end and search. Good luck! You will have to need it!


Thanks I was trying to do that and I was hoping there were known blogs where I could start my research, but I imagine most collectors will keep that info to themselves. Thanks for the answer^^

I’ve been putting together some info on some obscure sets I collect.

Here is a list of the Adventure Cards I’m aware of: github.com/PokeTCG/research/blob/master/AdventureCards.md

And here’s a list of GBA Gum Cards: github.com/PokeTCG/research/blob/master/GumCards_GBA.md

I’d like to expand this into more sets, but it’s very time consuming putting this together - and rather unrewarding as it’s not very useful to many people.


Thank you! I’d like to do something like this for the more obscure pokemon stuff, but as you said it’s time consuming. About the unrewardng part, yep it’s more of a personal thing, but maybe it helps bring some parts of the hobby to the light connecting more people^^