97' Pikachu

Someone bought it :open_mouth: Congratz to whoever bought it.


It is going to a good home!

Thankfully all the early trophies are off eBay! Maybe now they’ll finally see values on par with their rarity since supply has now depleted.

It’s great to now see all three cards from Collector’s Cache off the market! Yeah hopefully if they don’t go back on the market then their value can increase.

Mr Jason bought it?

Mr. Jason did not buy it :blush:

Wow! That is a surprise! Its nice to see all of the original trophy cards off ebay for a change :blush: I offered them $3500 for that a few months ago and they would not budge…my guess is whoever scooped it up payed 4k+

Hahaha…Scott, judging by your comment I am assuming you know the lucky recipient?

Yeah same here Mike, a few months ago i too offered $3,500 and nothing.

They were looking for $4,000-4,500 on the 97 pika. Which is realistic since it is literally the only other copy of the card.

I am just relieved that CC does not have any other top tier cards up for sale.

Well they still have the English 2008 #1 someone should buy that already so they have none. At least that’s all the Japanese ones gone.

Ehh I still think that 4k is a bit high but that just my opinion. As long as the person is happy with it the price is irrelevant.

Hahaha you seem to be forgetting this card: collectorscache.com/StoreModules/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=48410&CategoryID=347&tabindex=0&tabid=9&Page=

…but as we all know, nothing after 2001 exists :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Ninja’d :wink:

Not trying to argue because obviously prices are subjective and in the eye of the beholder for things like these. Personally I think 4K is fair considering the rarity/exclusivity/backstory of this card. I would have paid (had I the desire and funds) 4.5K for this card easily.

Of course this is just me :wink: perhaps I’m just crazy!

Considering the recent prices of the 1997 no 2 and 3 the price it went for was spot on. They would of sold it sooner if they would make their auctions more visible internationally.

Hahaha damn Frosty…I’ll give you that one :wink: I think they may hold on to that one for a while as it doesn’t even show up on ebay.

I hope the buyer wouldn’t have any intensions of selling it!

Wow me too it’s about time those things got off eBay :wink: Hoping it will have a great home now!

@pkm12, How much would you value this card at in this point in time?

I like how the card is on sale for $3,999 instead of its usual $4,999. Oh, only a grand difference :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what CC has all their trophy cards at. Regular Price - $5,999.99, Sale Price - $4,999.99. The Sale Price is beyond their normal price anyway, the ‘Regular Price’ is just a con to say it’s a special offer now.