2005 Champion's League Trophy

What is this card worth?

$2, if you want to sell to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

You managed to get the pictures working then? I’ll still have a look at the others if that’s still causing issues

I believe thats how much a trophy pikachu costs! I ll give someone $5 whole dollars for that :stuck_out_tongue: But really, that card is worth a couple grand I believe.

@dogma - I could always post images. I had executed a test on that particular post with a completely random image, and it worked perfectly. The only issue is the ensemble of image codes belonging to my entire album.


I think it should be in the high hundreds, for its rarity. I am putting an estimate that it is about the same as a miracle dimaond or in that ball park. It is definitely not worth what brian has it up for, I am going to go out on a limb and guess he got it in the hundreds.

I had smason108 offer this to me for 500 pounds a few years back and his prices are usually high.

Wow, really? I always though those went for a bit more. Guess I stand corrected.

This one is worth a couple grand. The one that brian has up I am still not certain how many copies exist but I have seen more than the one in the link. I have only seen 2 of the one in the link and 7 that I can think of for the one brian has up.

Ahhh! okay, I guess I got the two confused. either way it is still very very rare.

Hang on… how much are we saying this one is worth? $2000? Really, that’s an awful lot :thinking:

The card scott has is the one thats close to the 2k mark. The card pictured above in this thread is worth around 800-1k I believe.

Yes! exactly what mike said! The one I linked is the 2k one. :blush:

LOL, I’m blind! (And apparently, can’t read :confused: )

I obviously have a few more cards out of my league for long time. This collecting malarky is getting difficult :wink:

haha out of your “champions league” :wink: And I understand that, I am constantly budgeting for cards, it can be stressful :confused:

LOL, I’ve just become incredibly impatient! I need to calm it a little and just work out what my priorities are. Its hard when theres so much that I want! I really do want to collect them all :thinking:

PS: If I’ve not said it before that picture of your Champions League is just gorgeous. So crisp!

Thanks! I like the word crisp for it! The scanner does the trophy cards well :blush:

And I know how you feel, I think once you get serious about collecting, and wanting to collect them all, the only issue is money. Which is why I think everyone is envious of Persin, maybe we need to change our degree’s to finance :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Blech, if I ever qualify as an actuary, I’m expecting big bucks dude :stuck_out_tongue: (Unfortunately, Pokémon is actually a fairly low priority for me, if I ever get a house that’ll eat my all of my money and one less collector to contend with for a a couple of years!)

You can always move over here to the states, houses are as much as pre raichus :wink: The prices are still going down here!

LOL eeew, I like London :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t even get me started on house prices here. They’re holding steady but that’s because numpties with more cash than brains are buying anything that comes onto the market.

I still have no priorities for my collection :S Right, I’ve hijacked this thread enough. On with my search on Y!J for inspiration

Try explaining that to my work :grin: I moan a lot, but I quite like my life as it is. I’d just like it better if I could afford a decent house in London :confused:

Thank you, everyone!


A profound expression of gratitude to Scott for distinguishing the two versions. I never realized that the 2007 version possessed such intense value!