20th anniversary 24k gold pikachu card.

Hi e4. Hope someone out there can give me a rough idea what I should ask for my gold pikachu card.
There hasn’t been bugger all sales and I know it’s pretty rare though don’t really have any solid price data on it. I don’t want to ask too much and scare prospective buyers off or too little and short change myself. Any advice will be appreciated.
attached is a photo of my card too. Thankyou


@quuador has some input on this I think. I think he even was looking for one at some point.

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I’m not completely sure, but I think a few auctions ended recently at around $8-$9k? I think smpratte auctioned one of them and it was in that range.

I paid 2000.00 for mine and wouldn’t take 10k for it. That may be the right price for it though.

Last one I knew was the one owned by smpratte that sold in auction


Isn’t this card made of real gold? I saw Maxmoefoe (Youtuber) feature his own in an episode which was the first time I had heard of it.

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It’s a shame that with a price tag of $2k every single copy has terrible centering.

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Yes solid gold

Theres one on ebay for 10k bin. Its also got $570 worth of gold

So somewhere inbetween that.

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@papafrankgod, said it. The last one I saw was Smpratte’s on auction and sold for $8k and the previous sale was $10k.

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The last one was sold by Scott for 8k USD. One also got sold for about 9k USD on Yahoo Japan at the start of last year. And mkpokecc also sold one back in May last year for 8.5k USD (if I remember correctly). So I guess the value right now is around 8-9.5k USD.

I personally can’t spend that amount of money, though. I would have offered 6.5k USD before, but even now I’m not willing to spend that amount of money for just a single card for my Pikachu collection, even if it is the solid golden Base Pikachu. That amount of money is about 2.5 months of income for me, and I also have like 6 or 7 other collections besides Pikachu I collect, of which I rate some higher in priority right now. I’m even behind in regular Pikachu releases like Shield & Sword…



When I saw the card on YouTube I was disappointed by the fact that it had little contrast between Pikachu and the background. It was not that appealing. Of course it’s still worth a ton of money and I understand this, but kind of a let down for something so magical and exciting.

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Maybe they should have inlaid some diamonds in Pikachu’s eyes… just say’n

Thanks E4 for the input, i really find it helpful. I’ll throw it out there soon and if it sells good, if not I’m not fussed, there was some dummy spitting about how off Center they are, for price this ones not 10 centering though isn’t bad. And the contrast background mentioned honestly this card is like when you take a photo of the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen and when you look back at it through your library it just looks the same as any other sunset all the basic white girls put on insta. Without seeing one in person you wouldn’t be saying that, it really is truely beautiful.
Thanks quuador for the detailed sold data, appreciate it mate!

Us Pikachu Collector’s are doomed :X…

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Lol off center… really… I wouldn’t care with this “card” thats made of gold
Side note, I am putting up my 24K gold Pikachu Statue up for auction in Heritage Auctions, should be interesting to see where it goes.

$500 worth of gold and off centered for $8k? Yeah right it’s not even 1st edition :joy:

No question about it. In person it looks amazing. The colors are deep and pure quality. Now is it worth 10k. Well, that’s totally crazy but one can say it’s worth whatever someone will pay.

i hope they make some pure silver cards. much cheaper and it would look beautiful…