20th Anniversary 24 Karat Gold Pikachu

So what do you guys think about this card? I do know there is one on ebay for a crazy high amount at the moment. Seeing how it went for around 2000$, what do you think the current marketvalue of this card is?

This is the thread from the last time I remember this card being discussed. Seems like it was a bit of a mystery back then too.


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I believe one sold for $8k a few months ago.

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Correct. One sold for roughly 8k USD 3 months ago on eBay. If I remember correctly @mkpokecc sold that one, so maybe he can give the exact Best Offer price he sold it for.

I’ve also seen one sell for 900,000 Japanese Yen (~8.5k USD excluding shipping/middleman/import fees) 1.5 month ago on Yahoo Japan.

Those are the most recent sold prices I know off. A copy sold a year prior for 8k AUD (~5.5k USD). And in the first 12 months after release I’ve seen them being sold for 2.5-3.5k USD prices a couple of times.

Anyway, in today’s market I’d say it’s somewhere between 8-9k USD. Pretty insane considering it was available for ~1.9k USD retail on release in December 2016, not even three years ago. Kinda wish I had bought one back then instead of my first car… Priorities I guess, haha. :slightly_smiling_face: :relieved:

PS: If anyone has one available for sale, I could give you 6k USD for it right now. :wink:



I was offered 8000 and 9000 earlier this year. For me it would take min 10k

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