$2000 Gold Pikachu Cards - 19th October.


Interesting news for @quuador and @justinator


considering the price tag, you’d think it will be made from solid gold

feel sorry for the pikachu collectors :grin:

It’s a fake news article.


Unless someone wants to donate it to me, I think there has just been a new restriction to my collection: the TCG cards should be made of Pokémon Card cardboard. :wink:

But why o why a Base set variant… :sob: Me wants… Sigh. Although I of course collect all Pikachu Cards, I’m most interested in the Base Artwork variants.

Why can’t it be more like the Gold Zekrom and Reshiram cards below, so there isn’t a 2k pricetag on them…


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How do you know? The photo looks pretty legit to me…

Long time no see lol

Coming out of the shadows I see when they reveal a possible extremely high end card :wink:


The way that Wpm has worded the article. He made a big post earlier in the year calling out places for reporting unsubstantiated rumours about Pokemon TCG. He said in this post click bait sites which to me alludes to him referencing them and not actually sites.

If it’s real then I will admit I am wrong, and the photo is convincing. But the way the article is written and presented makes me think it’s a ruse.

Haha guilty :blush: I already got hyped about this gold card. but I’m always around here, just a little quieter :blush:

Okay I see… I think that would be pretty annoying if pokebeach as a rather serious source of pokemon news posts fun/fake news :slightly_frowning_face:
Honestly I think it would be a perfect occasion to launch such a gold card since 20 years is quite a milestone. It’s already sad enough they won’t release new trophy cards for the 20th anniversary tournament in Japan. Either way, I guess we will know for sure soon… i still have hopes it is true :blush:


So if this is real how do you go about obtaining one from outside of Japan? xD


The photo looks quite real though. I think this thing might actually be coming out…

So. How many of you fine folks are gonna be getting this card?

@quuador, @justinator - what do you two think of this?

I am grateful that it is not Gyarados

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Oh wow! o_0 That’s so crazy!

I am grateful it is not Mew.

-knocks on wood-

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Lol created a topic about this a few days ago =p

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Oh I didn’t see it - maybe a mod can merge the threads?

No need to mate :wink: it’s all good!

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Of course I’ll buy it. Might even get two or three. \s

WHY O WHY does it have to be a BASE Pikachu… :sob: :sob: :sob: :unamused:
Any other Pikachu and I could let it go pretty easy. I also won’t be able to get the SNAP Pikachu ever, or all 12 Art Academy ones. But I’m a huge sucker for Base Set Pikachu variants… why…

So no, I’m not gonna buy one. I’ll gladly accept donations though. Someone willing to make a kickstart for 2k so I can buy this card? :relieved:


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