1997 Trophy Pikachu

What are the values for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the 1997 Japanese Trophy Pikachu cards graded from 8-10?

I ask this because I saw this auction and was curious about the real value of the card, and then figured I might as well ask about all of them.

Thanks :blush:

They are turning down $4,000 offers on that card. They are looking for $4,500-5,000. The problem is that they do not offer international viewing on the card. I know people interested who are not in the US that would buy it for what they want.

1st $4000 2nd $3500-$3000 3rd $3000-$2500 since there Only two sets compared to the 98 and 99 versions which have at around 8 each.

Haze: Do those prices change based on what the card is graded at?

Honestly when your dealing with these type of very rare cards the value doesnt change. For instance if an illustrator popped up that would grade a 6 it would still be bought for the same price as Scott purchased a mint one at. Also, the Kamex PSA 7 m678ali had sold for over $2000. Cards of this rarity just don’t really fluctuate in price. If I had to say the biggest fluctuation in price is if you get a gem mint 10. But other than that they are valued the same.

The grade can help depending on the buyer.

Of course grades help for rarities like this but they don’t massively change the value (unlike ebirdman logic). I’m absolutely a grade nut and I want every card in the highest possible grade. As much as I’m like that, a trophy Pika is a trophy Pika. There’s only 2 of said card in existence so I’d still pay a similar price for the 8 as I would for the 9 for example. Maybe I’d throw an extra $100 at the 9 but that’s pennies compared to the value.

Also, my personal value of the 1997 Pikas are slightly higher than those Haze put forward but for cards like this it comes down to what one would pay for them.

Collectors Cache is willing to state the value at whatever you’d like it at on the customs form fyi

I know that there’s two in circulation, but doesn’t like, Nintendo or Pokemon or some place have 1 of each card made in like, a room somewhere? I know that sounds kinda weird, but that’s what I heard.

Yeah, that’s what I always thought. There are all these rare promos going around, but Nintendo must have a copy of each card? Even the Japanese promos must have a copied stored in the ultimate Pokemon vault

Nintendo did not print the japanese cards. Creatures has an archive copy of every japanese card. Most companies keep an archive of their products. Here is Lego’s secret vault.

The archived copies of cards are not in circulation. In regards to the 97 pika’s there are 2 sets in circulation.