Who bought the No.3 2001 BR trophy on yahoo.jp?

Who bought the No.3 2001 BR Trophy on yahoo.jp? I’d appreciate it if you could message me and let me know… (if it’s someone on this forum) ;-;



I was waiting for you to made a thread about it :wink:

Hapycakeoven - on instagram

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Dead inside. Finally was relisted then someone just had to go and press the buy it now for 2k higher than the bidding :unamused:

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That’s the SSB, he’s asking about a Battle Road Trophy


disregard :ninja:

LOL festa when I saw that trophy, I immediately thought of you…I thought you were the one who bought it immediately.


I didn’t think anyone would actually hit the buyout when it had been listed five times previously with not even one bid. I didn’t have the money then and when I finally do someone just has to rain on my parade :slightly_frowning_face:


:thinking: ??

TBH I have a feeling it’s most likely some inexperienced buyer who saw the buy it now prices on ebay and trying to flip this item…but that’s just my 2 cents.

That was my initial thought as there’s a 2002 and 2001 for ridiculous buy it now prices that I highly doubt anyone will ever go for. I think the buyer would have some difficulty selling it considering how long it stood for… mind you, I would still be the sucker who’d pay more than they bought it for because I wanted to risk it and wait for the price to go down more :slightly_frowning_face:

If it’s simply a flipper I would honestly wait because that would really mean that the price really is inflated, and if no one bites there a very high chance they will resell it at a loss when they are desperate.

I also saw the trophy card for a long while and I am absolutely shocked someone would buy it at that price when there was an auction price available at 2k less than the buy it now…

I wish you good luck on your hunt festa!

I’ll wait and see but it’s still a shame. At any rate I hope to pick up one eventually. I’m sure there’ll be someone willing to sell one, whether it be a No1,2 or 3 at 6k+. At this point I’d pay more than that too most likely :’)

I guess it was either someone who’d seen my posts and saw competition who actually wanted it for their collection or a flipper I guess perhaps, yeah

Thanks :blush:

I understand…I would have been pretty bummed if I didn’t manage to get my pika trophies a year ago so I empathize with your feelings. I’m pretty confident too, at least for sure you know there’s still a market for the battle roads with ebay listings posted…meanwhile getting a '97 pika would be impossible unless I can shell out a cool 2 million to Scott :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hopefully it’s just a flipper who will then get desperate! I am not sure if I was seeing clearly but I think this card was faded too, so hopefully your future trophy won’t be sun damaged :blush:

You have pika trophies? I’m happy you got them when you did too in that case. Would be a pretty bitter sweet two mil to shell out :’)

It was faded to some degree but it wasn’t too terrible, considering PSA wouldn’t take it into consideration that much and it mainly just made the yellows/gold a little lighter. With that said I fear the price I might have to pay in the future for a nice one :confused:

Yeah, Scott gave me strong reasons for me to just get it if I wanted one, so after going through rough estimates in value, I went for it. The second one I barely hesitated and immediately threw in an offer which the seller accepted. Yeah even winning the lottery in my country it may still not be enough to afford Scott’s cards :stuck_out_tongue: You can see them in the thread “what’s your most expensive card?” started by morgan.

It’s true, it’s not even close to the sun damage on my '97 pika. I thought it was simply a bad camera, but I guess that helped in making it harder to get some takers for that card. I fear the price of future trophy cards too, with cards like the SSB vanishing overnight; it makes it very difficult to find trophy cards for sale, let alone buying one.

I’m happy for your success and will try and be hopeful for my on trophy card prospects :’)

I would say a heavily sun damaged ‘97 Pika is still worth more than a somewhat mint 2001 in quite a lot of people’s eyes. In saying that, I’m quite sure that’s the reason the 2001 No3 stuck around as long as it did, because it was sun damaged.

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Do not have any regrets, you had the opportunity to buy it for few months and you did not buy it :wink:


I know. I was greedy. No more greed from this moment forth. I will take all I see the moment I see it. Mark my words, I will have a complete 2001 Battle Road set one day!!! (or 2002 if all else fails)

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