The Giant Professional Grading Thread


This thread is the exclusive home for all your basic professional-grading related questions and answers! As the forum grows, so does the type of discussion that we have. We are implementing this megathread in order to cut down on some frequently posted questions which deserve to be answered but clutter up the forum if they are posted on their own.


  • Should I grade this card?

  • How do I submit to PSA/BGS/CGC?

  • Which grading company and/or middleman service is the best for my needs?

  • What grade do you think this card will get? (DISCLAIMER: Grading cards from photos is not reliable, even if you have lots of photos. Youshould not exclusively rely on the opinions of forum members for deciding which cards to grade. Using a reputable pregrading service whenyou submit your cards is the best way to know what grades they are likely to receive.)

  • Grading company x is fantastic! I love them!

  • Grading company y is horrible! Nobody use them!


As with other megathreads, this thread is now the only place to ask and answer these types of questions. General grading-related questions that aren’t posted here will be moved, locked, or removed at moderator discretion. If you’re unsure about where your question or topic should be posted, PM a mod and we’ll help you out!

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I’ve been curious what grade this card would get. I’m guessing a 7?


@smokemon, PSA7 looks about right to me.

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I have an old label shining gyrados that is a PSA 6, and it is in better condition than this - would be surprised to see this card get more than a PSA 5. Your front is great, but the back is…unfortunate.


A 9.5 BGS and a 10 PSA lugia sold for 100k difference the other week. Same exact condition. (GEMMINT) The PSA10 won big and the BGS suffered the loss of being an uglier 9.5 grade

Why would a buyer want a 9.5 on their shelf when they could have a 10? I don’t blame the buyer. 10 looks better to viewers

Seller with BGS LUGIA lost out on 100k because he chose the company who is impossible to get a perfect 10 with a 10 eligible card anywhere else

PSA seller knew his card would get a 10 and reaped the benefits of have the “10” sticker

Why grade with BGS?
I reiterate … Why in the world would you want a 9.5 over a 10, same exact condition. BGS is a bad submission choice… change my mind

@smokemon, I’d guess a PSA 6 but could even drop down to a 5. That’s quite a bit of edge and corner wear. But so hard without being in person.

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Maybe because people like companies that aren’t psa? And basically your entire post is incorrect. Its not the same condition, guarantee that 9.5 wasn’t quad or quad+. It would’ve most likely gotten a psa 9.


The real question is, why would anyone grade anything given the interagency variability, and the fact that grading them is incredibly arbitrary?

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I knew we’d get a mega thread for this

I love that a Shining Tyranitar is the first card to make an appearance in this thread


Its about showing it to other viewers as well. 9.5 means flawed while 10 means flawless to untrained eyes. Both gem mint. I like to show my collection to others who arent in the hobby as well

Yes psa 10 is flawless for sure


well the buyers with 100k difference in price had the same idea in mind when they spent their money it appears

“Untrained eyes”… 10 looks better than 9.5… How am I wrong?

I also love how fourthstar begins the thread and immediately it gets super busy, with an almost immediate card post, as if the eager have been lying in wait, in the darkness, holding back to unleash their full fury.


I’m just answering your question about the Lugia. The difference was that the bgs will probably cross to a psa 9. In regards to 9.5 looking better, it’s really just a matter of personal preference.

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I don’t know about lying in wait, I’ve seen a lot of what grade will this get threads recently

Gotcha. Just had that on my mind. Always thought BGS 9.5 is psa 10 every time. Thanks for letting me vent that one out

Oh, Boo, I know, you’re right. I just like to think that we’ve only just begun to feel the full wrath…

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What do you guys think my first Ed charmander will get?