PSA VS BGS & Compare/Analyse Results

Hmmms I thought id make this thread so everyone can have and endless debait of goods nd bads of bgs/psa so i copied these convos from Ebaygarbage thread =D @ozenigma @garyis2000 @killerred09 @smpratte @darkrai @fourthstartcg @milhouse @xuzu @mini @missingno @hisoka107 and anyone else lol.

I will go to war with yoll on this subject, because I am perfectionist, and will friggen go insain in my brain thinking of a lesser ting.


And this, pokemonsyndicate, is why we use PSA…

Eh bgs 10 slaughters psa. Muhaahahahah

I want to transfer my charizard, but risking damaging is to risky.

Its all to do with subgrades, bgs can make mistakes sometimes to, but they dont punish mint cards to a 9. They give it 9.5 gem mint. And depending on the sub grades you can usually cross over to psa 10 like raywuaza tcg did with his mewtwo shining bgs 9.5

And I already sent some amazing gems to gary to go to Bgs. And the gold stars I sent are better condition then the ones I got psa 10s on. So it would be a waiste to send to psa. But will see what the testing of bgs watere brings. If one gets a pristine 10 it will be amazing. If not then a 9.5 will do until I get a 10. But I have some awesome gold starsf in store that is off centered and doesn’t deserve to be punished sinc there gem mint, I don’t want a 9 grade hanging over dem.

I will give you my heart + my kidneys for any MINTY FRESH Holo No Rarities you have.

I can’t help but think this is a flawed way of thinking.

It may have harsher requirements, but being a PSA 10 does not mean it is any less desirable than a BGS 10.

Well yes that is many peoples opinions. However I don’t think that way anymore. Especially since gary sent in 30 1st ed shadowless and not one of them got a gold label, let alone black.

Also bgs mint 9 grade is horrible. Its not very good. Its in most cases worse then psa 9.

That’s okay though to those that want to score a psa 10, I understand since its a happy medium. But also, the reason I think you should grade your collection as bgs 10 is because your waisting them on psa when you will probably get the black label on 80% of your cards man. But then again, you could always cross them over. :open_mouth: like English is understandable because none would even have a collection if they tried to get 10s at bgs, so pointing a 9 is completely irrelevant to the reason why people grade with psa.

Edit: this sounds silly now i look back on it, and its only a opinion of personal experience.
The reason is because most collectors are English collectors, and they want a 10 on there cards, which is possible at psa, but not possible at bgs. The reason why they grade there japanese cards at psa instead of bgs is because again… Easier.

However if you get a truely mint card with some japanese, I think the centering should decide where you send it. Because did you see Gary’s bgs zard… It is a bit off centered hence the subgrade but it didn’t get punished because its probably the only copy that is truly pristine in the world. But with japanese you have the minty better quality on your side, so why not send to bgs and get a gold or black label instead of having a perfect card punished by psa down to a 9 which there is so many of now around.

One Big gripe for me is psa has no protection in the case, and when you own omse really rare/expensive cardlings, you start to freak out a bit lol. Hopefully i can overcome my fears and do a cross over, and i dont even care if it gets a 9.5, i just want it in a sleeve, and then into a slab xD

There is no debate between PSA 10 and BGS 10. ALL the BGS 10s have sold for more than PSA 10 counterparts. Gary’s BGS 10 charizard is an example of that. In sports cards there are two michael jordan RC in BGS 10 and they have sold close to $100k. The PSA 10 version of it has sold for around $20k. There are tons of other examples out there. The amount a BGS 10 sells over a PSA 10 are debatable factors.

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PSA has graded consistently through all these years.
Becketts standards have varied 3 or 4 times so I’ve had to follow the serial numbers just to keep track.

This is true for some high profile cards, not all cards. The disparity is mostly due to the difference in pop report.

To correctly compare prices, the population must be considered. For example, the card you mentioned, 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan has 247 PSA 10 examples and 6 BGS 10 examples. Also, BGS 10 is negligible for most pokemon cards. It really is only relevant to the higher profile cards, mostly high profile sports cards. Either way this is typically due to the low pop report.

In relation to the general topic, BGS for Pokemon is not as consistent. They are fine with the top few grades, anything under 8 is a crap shoot. I actually just had a crossover order come back from PSA, and my beckett cards didn’t cross, even with the minimum grade being one lower.

As most know, I feel I can rightly defend most complaints about PSA. This is the one instance I can’t. Crossovers are a bitch. 100% of the time the grader errors on the side of caution. Any surface, corner or edge problem is magnified by 10. They don’t want to crack the BGS case open and be surprised at a problem that just wasn’t apparent enough cause then they’d have to slap the grade on it it doesn’t deserve,

Now I never accept a downgrade like Scott mentioned he did, but the same grade I have many times and my success rate is dismal.


for most things I prefer PSA. The fact that there are “weak” and “strong” gem mint 9.5 BGS cards turns me off.

That being said, I’d definitely pay a premium for certain Alakazam cards in BGS 10 condition, even moreso for a black label. But then It’s more about the rarity of the grade, and not the condition of the card per se. I’ve seen some dam good looking PSA 10 after all.


Yeah but you cant deny there 10 labels, they take a dump on psa 10. and subgrades have a big roll to play… You know you want a black label illustrator :ninja:

But more importantly. The gold label cant be denied either. and By sending to bgs and scoring a 10 on a high end pokemon card like a gold star, you then turn that card into an insainly rare, and desirable cardling.

And now I shall boost the bgs market by myself i say. everyone follow always ill destroy.

Edit: Saying this - that PSA is only supported by heaps of peeps, is and can come off as condecending because this is only my opinion from my personal experiences, it is like saying all psa graders are dumb because your opinion is different… So I didnt think this one through… Maybe I should end my sentences with Imo more often and think and read thngs a few more times before posting, becuase this is behaviour i had in the past, but is creeping up again :nerd_face:
But yes PSA is much more consistant in scoring a maximum grade which is why people grade with them, always there collection would be considerably smaller if they were after 10’s.

I agree with the points above, but in a different way of looking them, because I use to underestimate BGS, but like everything, more experience and seeing everyones youtube videos, english graders, people talking on here all the time, and seeing such a massive amount of content in this hobby, the knowledge has changed my views on BGS and psa, and hopefully it changes with alot of japanese collectors, because people do have a chance to get Higher grades. I see psa 10 gold stars and they have whitening on them all the time, they would be lucky to score a gold label at BGS. So yes it will be harder, but that doesnt mean its not worth it to people who spend lots of monies in pokemoon cards.

@smpratte imagine a BGS pristine gold or black label 1997 Pikachu. You saying you wouldnt take that over a psa 10 one?

Depending on how strong the 10 is at PSA, then it could get the gold label, but a black one you would never chose the psa 10 one.

When Perfection takes over your mind, you start dreaming of black labels… That should be BGS slogan.

Yeah the really Strong PSA 10’s definitely should have gone to BGS imo.

Ahhhh thats where your wrong sir… there was an argument about this many time, and it still hasnt been settled, so i must furtherly smash it into peeps brains untill they understand the greatness that is bgs.

EDIT: After third time of reading your answer, I see there is some reverse psychology in your comment going on saying that there is no debate because BGS is simply Amazing, and its been decided because 100’s of examples. Thing is… not many people in the poke community are aware of this, and this thread will be very helpful for those who don’t, so we need to re debate lol.

And as usual your input is very trueingtons… Now Hisoka you have to achieve a gold/black label set of Ex series complete ex/gold star engrish set :ninja:

Here is the thing also guys. I have always graded with PSA, all my stuff is PSA. But I can clearly see which one is better for my future dealings or atleast half of them, because the other half wont be worthy enough probz… I’m not going to betray psa. I will still grade with them to get a psa 10 set of the cards i want, but ill also be going for a pristine set. I just hope more people start sending and stuff, so we can grow the BGS pokemon economy.

I know most of you have your collection all done with PSA, and because of that you see psa as the best, but if you look past your own collection and take that out of the equation, you will find the reason why BGS is just as good.
It’s a bit easier for me to say i guess since i only have 2 Graded cards left in my collection

but I have about 200 to grade that i have built up over time, and this time alot will be going to BGS I hope… Maybe half/half.

Look also english collectors… It is possible, but its going to be hard:

These are the ones Id go for in engrish, the slightly off centered but Pristine condish. Would be awesome, tiz like garinsons zard.

I just took a second look at @garyis2000’s pristine Khan.


Is up with the frayed corners?! Is it just me??



Just to add input I think it is down to personal judgement, however PSA graded cards are just more common in the pokemon marketplace this is due to being more trusted by collectors, buyers and sellers alike,

PSA does have it’s issues but I find them to be rather consistent, gotta say though these Pristine condition cards from BGS look amazing!

I guess for collectors a BGS 10 Pristine set of cards is more worthy than PSA, because of the difficulty in obtaining, but then again I would imagine PSA gets a lot more submissions over BGS in regards to pokemon so probably weigh themselves out, all down to personal preference but I may look at sending some cards to BGS if I believe they are worthy of the Pristine grade!

The thing is I like the style of PSA. To me the BGS Case just looks outdated and the nasty brozen look turns me off from them. While PSA does it a simple way to make it look nice and they even add in nice stuff like having the ID# on the back now so people cant use a different cards back when trying to sell it.

I will in the future reslab all my PSA Cards because I do have the old style in most of them and well I like the new style they have gone with. While in BGS I dont know if I am looking at a old graded BGS or a New One which makes me get a bit off since some cards do age over time and loose that 1-10 rank we all know it does but I rather have a up-to-date slab over a card that was BGS-# 10 years ago.

That is why I would rather buy a PSA card over BGS. Even when I buy stuff for my collections when I see a old PSA Slab I think long and hard about it. While in BGS I have to guess if the card was recent graded or if they do have a site where it tells the date and time but that is a turn off because sometimes I want to buy a card right off the bat and doing all this extra research is to me pointless.

That is why I buy more from PSA. The Case the cards are place in are nicer

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What grade is this card:

hmm my guess is 6ish?

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8 or 8.5

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