BGS over PSA - my thoughts.

My entire collection is now Beckett. Why?
Better case. It Has the sleeve inside the case. Has the sub graves. Case looks more professional and you see why the card received the grade it did.
The cards in PsA cases move… urks my soul.
And something tells me that in the next few years BGS pokemon will be the new wave …
and quite honestly something tells me the humans working at BGS vs psa are humans who take there job and profession more seriously and get paid more to do it. I’ve had a few Psa 10s that barely looked like an 8… it’s makes me sick …yeah it’s nice you can sell better that way but I think when you reach a point where it’s not so much about the money but more so about the hobby and love of the hobby you want a clean case , solid GOOD card… not a fake 10. And any real collector will see that and still pay more for a STRONG SUB bgs9.5 vs a psa 10.


I doubt anyone would take BGS 9.5 over PSA 10. That will never happen, ever. I do prefer BGS cases and I can say they are better quality and the card inside a PSA case does move and hits the borders, also the plastic in psa feels cheaper I can break a psa case with my bare hands easily.


BGS cards move in the case as well.

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Yes but they move inside a sealed sleeve and they never hit the borders hard.

I tend to agree with you. But I do find the BGS case to be a bit too clunky/large. The PSA case is more space-efficient and sleak, whereas the BGS case could be 25% smaller without sacrificing anything important.

Psa is a big company.
I just think they can do a better job.
I mean they use paper to write the names of the cards … bgs has a nice engraved slab.
Shows to me they cut corners and the internal leaders of the company are cheap!!

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I really dont understand why it seems like every Pokemon BGS collector needs to proselytize their religion to the world.

No one is stopping you from enjoying BGS cards, don’t try to stop me from enjoying my preferred flavor of labelled plastic


Ask Gary … would he rather keep his BGS 10 zard or Psa 10 zard … LOL. Cmon man you can’t compare.

I much prefer PSA 10s to BGS 9.5s but I appreciate your enthusiasm.


For PSA, I don’t think the slab is the major area for improvement. I think they should make their entire process much more efficient. There’s no reason why it should take 6+ months for a card to be graded. That’s just pathetic. If they decreased their wait time by hiring more graders, they would likely see more submissions as a result. The PSA slab is fine, IMO. If there’s room for improvement with it, there’s more with other aspects of their business.

  1. BGS cases are too darn big. No room.
    1A) Dont like the sharp corners.
  2. Viewing cards through the BGS case and sleeve just isn’t very attractive.
  3. Grade inconsistency is pervasive throughout all grades. 9s can be 7s but 7s are never 9s.
  4. No grade guarantees which has cost me big time several times. BGS doesn’t stand behind their work,
  5. hate the multi colored labels. Because of the gold and black labels, the silver labels looked second class.
  6. BGS values take a big hit when compared to PSA. Now this only matters if you want to sell and don’t care about value.

When I got into graded MtG cards in 2013 I was big on Beckett. I literally had thousands of Beckett graded MtG cards. The cases are great for protection , superior to PSA, but also bulky. Eventually the sub-grades and grade manipulation drove me nuts. Another collector without much of a life used to scan the cards and write essays of grading notes on them arguing the centering etc. then he would fly to dallas and get his sub-grades bumped. I went with him once. Spent a few grand but walked away with more than that in “bumps” including an Alpha Mox Ruby that went from a BGS 10 Pristine to a BGS PRISTINE BLACK LABEL!

Neither grading company is perfect. And mint cards are mint cards whatever the label. But I don’t see Pokemon changing from being a predominately PSA hobby. My two cents aren’t probably worth any more than two cents but that’s my opinion.

It shouldn’t really matter to you though. Be the BGS guy if that’s what you want to do!

EDIT: agree BGS slabs are very bulky for a large collection


@jonandek, You have a specialist that assists with arguing for black label candidates? This ‘without a life’ gentlemen made a few grand off service work. Does he do this for service for pokemon cards as well

BGS is nice for collector, PSA is nice for flipper and ignorant collector (They see the terrible centering and tell themself the centering is 10)


I agree with everything you said except “real collectors pay more for a strong sub bgs 9.5 vs a weak psa 10”. There are a lot of people on e4 and abroad in complete denial that they are buying the grade over the card. I’ve come to terms with it long ago. Yes, people would pay a premium on a strong 10 vs a weak 10. But that’s still a 10, not a 9.5

I miss the days when all we had to worry about was another Carrot thread.



lol I enjoy collector threads. A little different from pricing threads and speculation. The cases are a very enjoyable topic to discuss.