Shinyumbreon's Eeveelution collection

hi! I am new here, so i hope i am doing this right/posting this @ the right category etc.
So! I have always been a Pokefan, as a kid always been collecting cards, sold them all when i was like 12 y/o for maybe 3 euro’s because, yeah, teenagers. (pls do listen to your parents, i was never allowed to sell my cards, i did it anyway. The regret) So, i dabbled in collecting cards again a few years later (been playing pkmn on and off till now) but there was a big break in collecting the cards.
Am a HUGE eeveelutions fan… so i decided to just focus on eevee and its offspring! well. I thought that’d be easier then collecting whole sets. Boy how I was wrong. Sorting 9 evolutions in binders in a specific order? Wish me luck. But it will be so worth it.
Here is a quick pic of the cards! 9 piles of cuteness, each pile = 1 eeveelution. I think i may have around 120 cards? And oh, did I mention I only began “officially” collecting them maybe 2/3 weeks ago? I may or may not have a problem. That will be one for future me. Anyway; does anyone have the GOLDEN TIP how one would organize/sort a binder with the eeveelutions? Or any tip is welcome!

btw english aint my primary language, sorry for any stupid mistakes!
xo shinyumbreon


2 ways to sort Eeveelutions;
A) keep them separate. So section one is Eevee sorted by release date.
B) sort by release date with Eeveelutions all mixed in. So put all Jungle cards first, then Rocket, etc all the way through Sword and Shield.

For reference, I have done it both ways. There are postivies and negatives to both

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yes exactly! I have plan B in mind, but that is a bit overwhelming, maybe. Since i have multiple languages (dutch, eng, jap, kor) and there are holo’s/rh etc… Organizing them in that way would only be possible if you plan it out very precisely per card, per slot in the binder. Or am i being too difficult :") But id love to sort it like that, it just makes more sense… id say?
(btw; from the dutch cards there are like only a handful so thats ok. And Korean i plan only using that in eevee heroes/s6a/s8b) i do got a awesome spreadsheet where u have per eeveelution all the cards per set, but id wish id could combine all 9 of the spreadsheets so there is one big list…

Welcome to the forum, @shinyumbreon! There are plenty of us eeveelution collectors on here. :slight_smile:


thank you @Dyl ! awesome :smiley: is there maybe a main/big eeveelution topic? or about one of them? till now i cant find any, or maybe i’m just searching wrong!

There are a few scattered around:

But most will post their eeveelutions in their collection threads or in the threads below:

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So what I did for option B is start with Jungle. I’d go by set number, so put all the Flareons together, then the Jolteons, then the Vaporeons, then the Eevees. The problem with that is Japanese and English don’t always go in the same order. I think my collection thread has my old atyle in there somewhere

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Welcome fellow Eeveelution collector!

My Eeveelution binder is organized by species. Most of my cards are Japanese unless the English version is much cheaper.

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Welcome. Looking forward to how it turns out. I also went all out when I started collecting again. Went way too fast and way too hard on collecting.

For sorting, I’ll just say there’s no right way. Especially once you factor in more than just English and Japanese. I’d recommend grabbing some cards, especially if they’re from the same set and just making a page or 2 to see how it looks. I sort mine like eeveeteam. Just know that eventually every one of us has to reorganize the binder and shift it.

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Welcome! I mainly collect Flareon because it’s the best eeveelution. I think I have a link to my collection thread on my profile.

For organization, I’ve always been a fan of ordering by chronological release

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Welcome @shinyumbreon ! Look forward to seeing how it all comes out!

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Am a Elitefourum Rookie so please bear with me if i make any mistakes or if i post @ wrong category etc. let me know! and English ain’t my native language, so excuse any mistakes.
I hope i am doing this right; i will use this as a way to show off my starting eeveelution collection.
(see my first post for some background)
I think I will start by posting a few recent purchases. These beauties arrived this week.
Man oh man, i love all of these. Modern and vintage both have my heart.
The vaporeons! So happy with my little mermaid kitty. —

*btw, guys, did you know that … *

(The “smudge” on the first vaporeon is some tape residue on the toploader, no damage/filth)
I love how i have now a first edition ánd limited edition Dutch vaporeon, since it’s my native language. Normally i do not give a flying pidgey about Dutch cards, well, exceptions were made.

The 4 “cuties” from the Generations are totally amazing. I think I will collect those, Pokekyun and other “special sets” in one binder/album, aside from my main collection. For now they are in a binder to keep them apart from the rest, but there will be some rearranging for missing cards (e.g Jolteon ex, and all the Japanese versions)

Is this how y’all showcase your collections :)? I saw some of your topics, i hope i did it right. I hope i can soon sort all of my cards, so i can post per set/gen/ etc. Any tips are always welcome! Love to learn and hear from you.
xo shinyumbreon


The good thing about your collection thread is that it’s completely your own collection thread, so you can build it just the way you want it :smile: no mandatory style to do it, looking good now!


That’s true :smiley: And thank you!!
But, it’s more about my physical collection,hehe. Sorting them in a binder is the hassle :stuck_out_tongue:

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Feb 22 2023:
I think Vaporeon is really underrated. The art of this little fishkitty is a m a z i n g on almost of all the cards!
This is my latest addition, fished her out of my mailbox today.
The colours, the details!

(You may see some fingerprints on the toploader, it arrived like this lol, noticed it right after taking the pics. The card itself is fine!)


Great pickup! That’s the first and only card of the eeveelution V/VMAX set that I own, one of the sets I hope to eventually complete. Definitely my favorite card of the lot though.

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One of my favorite Vaporeon arts. Was so happy when I managed to pull one. Now the only logical follow up card is the gold star lol.

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Good reminder to pick this one up! Love that these arts are available as affordable promos. Already have the Jolteons and the other Vaporeon.

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Hah, i’d love to get the gold stars…one day… soon :")
Do you already have the other two?

Only gold star I have right now is the Flareon my brother pulled as a kid.

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