Shinyumbreon's Eeveelution collection

Feb 25 2023:
I thought; my collection needed a bit more… electrifying art…
And with all the electra and light, you need darkness. That is how the world works.
So it only makes sense for me to also adopt this kitty of darkness.

There is something about that black-and-yellow combination, don’t you think?
I am very happy with these cards! Reasonably prices for such a amazing state. There is only a bit of whitening on Jolteon’s back, but that okay!

(You know who is not okay right now after this month? My bankaccount )


08 march 2023

4/8 Prize pack Series 1 v-cards! I LOVE the holo! So bright.

A tiny discussion; “Prize pack cards are NOT for collectors” what do you think?

A big, big thanks to @eeveeteam for being my “middleman”. The whole concept was new for me, but i am a fan! They ordered it from me from the States, and the cards got safely deliverd @ The Netherlands! The other 4 v-cards are also almost on their way! Cant wait! 10/10 experience!


Ohh what did they set you back out of curiosity? I’m still hunting some of these bloody cards

I’m sorry, im not sure what you mean with “set you back” :see_no_evil:

What did they cost :slight_smile:

Oh! i got them for around 165 USD (163 Euro) ! All 8, incl “middleman” costs and shipping :)!

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Ah ok, no vmax’s yet im assuming?

nope i dont have those yet! A bit too expensive still!

I can relate to that. I have 3 so far haha

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Great collection! Always great to see more Eevee collections here!