Shinyumbreon's Eeveelution collection

Nice update. The binder is coming along very well. The vintage eeveelutions are something else indeed, specially light Vaporeon. That card is just :kissing_heart::pinched_fingers:

Thanks for sharing the update.



Thank you! ^^ And i love sharing my progress with y’all!

Hi all! Back from a tiny break, last year it was too many impulse buying and hyperfocusing on these pieces of art; i decided to take it easy and be a less bit active in the community. Still bought some cards, but less then usual!
In the last few months there were some new cards that i wanna show y’all;

^UMBREON PROMO: For now the only one of the Yu Nagaba promo’s :wink: Got it around the prerelease, glad I did because dang, those prices rn…*

^Pikachu “with Grey felt hat” van Gogh Promo: Not eevee-related but still cute! Went with the boyfriend to the museum; i am not sure if he misses his promo, prob. not. Hehe. So i snagged two*

^Some cuties from SV+Promo’s: I think the stamped bois are very cool. The EB-promo is also on it’s way. Can someone confirm which variants there are from these promo’s?*

^Reviving Legends: Finally got my reverse foil/mirror holo Umbreon! Thanks to @eeveeteam for finding it for me and being a awesome middleman! :slight_smile: The Espeon reverse foil/mirror holo is also a new addition (in this collection feed) if im not mistaken; look at that pretty purple girl! No UED from these two yet, but someday…* BUT! I managed to get two other UED (non holo) from the L2 set; absolutely adorable. Not sure if i want to break this slab, i think i might. PS those stone’s look yummy. Would it be eatable? Asking for a friend…*


Awesome update. They look incredible.

As for your promos question. From what we know so far there are:
Espeon (Obsidian Flames stamp, from Best Buy)
Umbreon (GameStop stamp, US)
Umbreon (EB Games, Australia/NZ)
Umbreon (Obsidian Flames stamp, Europe. English is rare right now, French is more common right now. They’re supposed to officially release soon, so more should hit the market this month hopefully)


Thanks friend! :slight_smile:
ah okay, but the hype is/was about…? the EB stamp? I thought (not 100% sure) that i saw all these post like “oh my, Switzerland has this new stamped Umbreon card!!!” with pictures of the EB stamped Umbreon (again; im not completely sure) but i was already confused; i know the EB one is a bit more expensive then the other Gamestop version and/or the regular one but it aint thát rare?? It must be the Obsidian flamed-one, right?
Just ordered the Obsidian-stamped one

The talk is about the Obsidian Flames stamped Umbreon. At first the only ones were from Switzerland with no info, so prices skyrocketed. Then some French ones came out, and then we got info that the rest of Europe should have them and hand them out soonish. I’m still waiting for the price of the English Obsidian Flames stamp to go down. Sitting too high at the 80 euros most seem to be asking for.


aah, weird that im so sure i saw the other stamped version being posted oh well!
Yeah the 80 eu is a bit… much… i got one for around 50-ish. Still a bit high but way less then those ridiculous ebay prices lol

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Mailday! :love_letter: I am not the biggest fan of te modern series (don’t get me wrong, i still collect them, and they are cute! But it’s not a set i’m searching all day on eBay for lol) but i do love me some stamped cards! Didn’t even know that there was a holiday calender set this year! :snowflake:


So that’s what they look like. You just reminded me that these cards exist. Thank you.

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im waiting for them to hit the uk before i order my one/many.
i refuse to pay the silly prices atm

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How much are they @ the uk? I most likely have 2 other copies on their way lol, i may or may not have ordered them 2 times :face_with_peeking_eye: if you would like i would gladly sell them to you!

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I’m scared to ask what they cost haha.
They’re not in the uk yet. I was waiting for them to be handed out over there

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October 2023:
This fiery kitty! Flareon Intermediate Tower 1 #T005 From 2004 POKEMON JAPANESE E-BATTLE FIRERED & LEAFGREEN; I am getting more into these kinda cards! I don’t see them very often, does someone know why?


Oh nice. Always love those Battle E cards. The e reader cards were niche considering they only came out in Japan, the US, and Australia. Even then, we only got the first set of Ruby/sapphire outside of Japan. So it’s not super rare, but niche. Lots of people don’t know they exist.

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November 2023:
I could not resist. Am not a slab girl but i mean…!


What did that cost you if you dont mind me asking. Reverse l2 unlimited so im assumjng a pretty penny