What are the most expensive English Pikachu cards?

I know English promos and pikachus don’t hold value compared to Japanese. But what are the most rare/valuable English Pikachu cards? Set cards?

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This thread may be a good start to see every pika

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Some of my favorite rare english pikachu cards were awarded from the art academy contest.

Here’s an article that covers it from Pokumon!

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Here are pictures and information about all officially released English Pikachu TCG cards (minus one Art Academy card that I’m missing, and some incoming recent releases):

And here some more unofficial releases (Sample and repeating error cards and such - which also isn’t completely up-to-date, since there are three or four other type of Sample cards I have yet to add to that post):

From official releases, the Art Academy Pikachu cards are defintely the rarest English Pikachu cards, and most notably the ones from Me! and Ashley, since neither of the winners of those artworks have sold any of their 100 received copies, so only some extra copies are available on the market (once in a while). The other three English Art Academy Pikachu winners have sold some of their cards to collectors before.

If we’d include unofficial / unreleased Pikachu cards, the one from the English E3 Expo of May 17th to 19th, 2001 is probably the rarest known one, since there isn’t even a picture of it available apart from this partial one behind the Pichu:


Which is the English version of this probably equally as rare Japanese Sample Pikachu:


The Matchprint Pikachu is also very rare, since only two copies are known to exist, of which I own one, and justinator owns the other. Here is my copy on the right next to a regular Expedition Base Set Pikachu):

And the Sample Pikachu from the New York Press Conference of August 2002 is also pretty rare, since only 100 of these were made, of which 50 were used at the event and 50 were held by staff. And the ones used at the event were likely all discarded afterwards, so only the 50 (mint) ones that staff withheld remain. Here again my copy on the right, next to a regular Expedition Base Set Pikachu:

If we also include misprints, the most noteworthy ones would be the Inverted WB and missing WB stamp WotC #4 promo Pikachu. Here both of them next to a regular non-misprinted WB Pikachu from my personal collection:

Thin stamp 1st edition Base Set Pikachu (both yellow and red cheeks) are also extremely rare, since thin stamp non-holo English Base Set cards are very rare in general. I’m still not sure whether including them in ‘repeating misprints’ is warrened, since there are so few of them. I’ve only seen one thin stamp Yellow Cheeks Pikachu before (which I own), and three thin stamp Red Cheeks Pikachu:

These are misprints, since although thinner than a regular English thick stamp non-holo Base Set card, they’re not as thin as later sets (e.g. Jungle through Neo Destiny) 1st editions. Here a regular thick stamp; this Yellow Cheeks thin stamp above; and a regular thin stamp side-by-side (thin vs thick referrers to the width of the “1”, FYI):



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Pikachu :goldstar: is also worth mentioning. Pretty expensive for an English set card, regularly selling for $2,000-$3,000 in mint condition.