Pikachu English/TCG Master List

Hello everyone this is my first post on this website, I am trying to create a perfect master list of every English Pikachu TCG card.
Please feel free to point out any errors or missing information in the file such as a missing date or card details.

Below is my link to my google sheets of my master list (I Have Column w Most of the Questions I Have!):

Pikachu English TCG Master List

Now I do already have a few questions because after looking through many lists and doing research on my own I’ve struggled to find the answers!

Non-Errors Questions:

  1. What are all the McDonalds’ Pikachu Cards? (I’m pretty sure it starts in 2013 and continues into 2021 excluding 2020)
    -2013/2014 I could not find a difference between the two cards if there is one? (Did Mcdonalds have a 2013 Pikachu release?)
    -2015/2016 The only difference between the two I could find is the set symbol in the bottom right corner (Maybe this is the case for 2013/2014?)
    -2017 seems straight forward but I do have a question later on regarding this artwork (SM04)
    -2018/19/21 Also all seem straightforward (2021 being the only one that includes a non-holo Pikachu)

  2. What are all the variants of the SMO4 Pikachu Artwork? These are the ones I know of:
    -The Target’s Pokémon Sun & Moon Launch Event which is SM04 (Non-Holo)
    -The General Mills Sun & Moon Mini Packs 2017 which is also SM04 but has its usual (Sequin Holo)
    -The McDonald’s Collection 2017 which is actually 5/12 but the same artwork (confetti holo).

    Now I’ve read that there was one other variant that was released with “GAME Sun & Moon midnight launch (February 3, 2017)” and is just a normal holo of the SM04 artwork but I can’t seem to find it or proof of it (so please any details on this would be awesome!)

  3. The next part is dealing with Two different releases of the Costco Mini Tin 5 Pack:
    -There is one that comes with a 65/202 Pikachu which is the Sword and Shield Base artwork. Just like the 2013/2014 McDonalds cards I’m wanting to know if there is any difference between the two reverse Holo Pikachus because again I can’t find any?
    -The second one is a little easier this one was released last year (2021) and I’m just trying to make sure this version of this shining legends artwork (Cosmo holofoil right?) is different from the other 6 versions of the artwork?

  4. Like the above questions, in the EX Trainer Kit Latios Half Deck, Three Pikachus are included are there any differences between these three cards because I’m pretty sure they all say 6/10/have the blue Latios symbol in the bottom right corner and don’t have a stamp like the battle academy Pikachus do?

  5. Was the Pikachu BW77 Blister Promo Ever Released and are there any that exist because I’ve seen photos of the artwork but none of an actual card?

Error Cards:

Next, I want to talk about Error Cards. I am only wanting to include common print errors such as red cheeks, I am not interested in very unique errors such as machine malfunctions and whatnot.

The ones I know of are:
-The Three Red Cheeks (Shadowless 1st/Shadowless and E3 Stamp)
-WotC Promo ‘Ivy’ Pikachu (1st Edition)
-Pikachu 58/102 Ghost/Grey Stamp?
-Pikachu Sample Set Stamp (Expedition Artwork) (What is the release date on this?)
-Evolutions Pikachu having different color backgrounds (Blue/Maroon?)
-Pikachu 4 Pokémon the First movie (Wb logo upside down)
-Pikachu Pop Series 5 (Back of the card is upside down)

If you know of any other everyday print errors please let me know!

I know this a lot but I appreciate any help I do get!


Maybe you can find something usefull in Quuador’s list.


I made a similar thread recently if you want to compare with my list/pictures of my progress. The English list has been checked by Quaador who is the resident expert on the subject, and has their edits included on the list.


My list does not include Jumbos


That’s a very intensive list! is there a way to filter it to show just English/non-error releases?

Nice Collection! I’m wondering are both your DP16 Holo? and does the one on the right have the silver snowflake?

@drenard, just patience I guess

Welcome to the forum. I only saw your message on my google drive Excel today, but I saw you already removed it?

Anyway, you could make a local copy of my Excel (linked by @papafrankgod above and also in my signature), and filter it on just EN in the Language column C and on (x + lowercase o + empty) in column H - where x are the ones I already have; lowercase o are incoming official releases (incoming errors would be an uppercase O); and empty are the ones I’m missing (which is only one Art Academy Pikachu card, I do have every other officially released English Pikachu TCG card that exist).
If you’re having trouble doing so, I could filter it for you later on.

This recent collection post of mine might also be useful, which contains all officially released English Pikachu cards, except for that final missing Art Academy card. Some well-known errors and Sample cards in English can also be found in this part.

And to answer your questions:

Yep, those are indeed the three versions for this artwork in English:

First time I’m hearing this tbh. Where did you hear it was a normal holo version? I’ve googled around a bit just yet, and I came across three different links mentioning this SM midnight launch event: pokemonblog; videogamesuncovered; pocketmonters. All three have the exact same paragraph:

but it doesn’t mention it’s a holofoil version anywhere. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same non-holo version from Target they gave away at the event, since that non-holo version could be bought by the thousands on eBay and alike soon after it was released. If you or anyone else reading this could find any prove of a regular holofoil version from this event I’d love to know however, since it means I’m missing an English Pikachu card in my collection. :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’ll try to investigate myself some more as well later on.

If I understand correctly these are two different questions? The Kanto Friends Mini Tin 5-Pack from Canada contains the Cosmos Reverse Holo Pikachu with the Sword & Shield artwork; which is indeed different from the regular reverse holo from the Sword & Shield set. If I misunderstood your question, lmk.

As for your second question, there are indeed 7 versions of the Shining Legends artwork: non-holo + reverse holo from the Shining Legends set; Water Web holofoil from the Shining Legends Special Collection Raichu-GX box; Cracked Ice holofoil from the Let’s Play, Pikachu! theme deck; Sequin holofoil from the General Mills Let’s Go, Kanto! Mini Packs; McDonald’s/Confetti holofoil from the McDonald’s Collection 2019; and Cosmos holofoil from the Kanto Power Mini Tin 5-Pack.

I didn’t even knew the EX Trainer Kit Latios Half Deck include three copies of the Pikachu, but you’re indeed right. But no, all three of them are the same. The stamped/numbered versions in theme decks only started around the Sun & Moon era for English card (and around either the BW era in Japanese iirc).

No, the BW77 Pikachu and BW78 Raichu artworks were never released outside of Japan and South Korea. The English scan on Bulbapedia is from the pokemon.com website database, which they removed the day after already since it was never actually released. They were planed to be released inside Plasma Freeze Three Pack Blisters, but due to the cancellation of an English Landorus Box, the BW promos for Landorus and Druddigon were put inside Blister Packs instead of the Pikachu and Raichu. Because of this abrupt change in products, there was not enough time for the Pikachu/Raichu to be repurposed inside another promotional product, so it was never released.

Whether physical copies were made in preparation I’m not sure. If there are I’d love to get my hands on one some day. But I personally highly doubt it, since the promos didn’t even have a purpose yet. So I’m pretty sure it will forever be a digital version only. (Although I’d love to be proven wrong one day. :wink: )

This is not an error, it’s a prototype card. The release month and year for this Sample set is August 2002 (in the New York Pokémon Center). I mention it, and some other English Sample/Test/Prototype cards, in the earlier linked collection post at the Sample/Test prints section.

I also mention these in the same linked post at the Repeating Misprints and Cardstock Variations section. The English ones missing in your list above would be (ignoring the many Base Set 1st edition stamp variations):

Hope this helps. :blush: If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in this same thread, and I’ll try to answer them. Good luck with your collection goals!



I’m so glad I don’t collect Pikachus

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First off I want to say thank you for replying to all of the questions I appreciate it! I’m still slightly confused about how you filter your excel sheet(I don’t see a lower case o)

  1. For one of the places I found the “GAME Sun & Moon midnight launch (February 3, 2017)” and Mcdonalds 2013 Pikachu is in this spreadsheet linked below:

I would love to give credit but I forgot whose link I clicked on so if you know please let me know and I’ll add credit. I can’t seem to find the original thread I found this link from and no details were given in the spreadsheet that I could find.

  1. All Repeating Misprints English Error Cards: (Please let me know if I’m still missing anything)

-The Three Red Cheeks (Shadowless 1st/Shadowless and E3 Stamp)
-WotC Promo ‘Ivy’ Pikachu (1st Edition)
-Pikachu 58/102 Ghost/Grey Stamp? (And the other 100 Variants lol)
-Evolutions Pikachu having different color backgrounds (Blue/Maroon/Purple/RH Light Purple?)
-Pikachu 4 Pokémon the First movie (Wb logo upside down and no logo)
-Pikachu Pop Series 5 (Back of the card is upside down)
-Team Up Pikachu & Zekrom GX have a grey middle energy symbol for the Full Blitz attack

  1. English Sample/Test Prints: (I know there has got to be more)

-Pikachu Sample Set Stamp (Expedition Artwork)

Underrated comment.

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You can find them in my collection post that I’ve linked. But for English Sample Pikachu specifically, look at the English E3 Expo 2001 and Matchprint sections. And the New York Press Conference section is the one you’ve already mentioned. Those three Sample Pikachu are the only English ones I’m aware of. There are also 13 Japanese and 1 Italian Sample Pikachu cards.


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