Base Set Pikachu Versions + Reprints

Hello! I have posted this in one other forum, so I apologize if you’re seeing it twice. However, with the amount of knowledge amassed by the collectors on this forum, I was hoping you would be able to help me compile a list of all of the versions, including reprints, of the base set Pikachu 58/102 card.

I am interested in collecting all of the versions (including reprints) of the Base Set Pikachu 58/102, however, I am relatively new to collecting Pokemon cards and would like to obtain some knowledge in order to properly collect and appreciate these cards.

Thus far I have compiled this list with the help of others:

Yellow Cheek Variant

  • Japanese Base Set (no rarity symbol)
  • Japanese Base Set (with rarity symbol)
  • “Ghost/Phantom” 1st Edition Print
  • 1st Edition (thin stamp)
  • 1st Edition (thick stamp)
  • Shadowless
  • Unlimited Shadowed
  • “1999-2000” Print
    Red Cheek Variant
  • 1st Edition (thin stamp)
  • 1st Edition (thick stamp)
  • Shadowless
    Yellow Cheek Promo E3 Stamp (You can get this on its sheet)
    Red Cheek Promo E3 Stamp (You can get this sealed in its packaging)
    Yellow Cheek PokeTour 1999
    Yellow Cheek Base Set 2 87/130
    Top Deck Magazine - Base Set Pikachu
    Pokémon Snap Best Photo Contest
    Intro Pack Bulbasaur Deck 13/40
    Intro Pack Bulbasaur Deck 40/40
    Intro Pack Neo Totodile Half-Deck 1/30
    POP Series 2 16/17
    Rising Rivals 112/111

Am I missing any cards? Do any of these cards not belong here?

I would like to initially focus on collecting English cards, however eventually I will collect cards from other languages. If anyone knows of some sort of Base Set Pikachu master list including cards from other languages, I would definitely appreciate taking a look at that.

Thank you so much!


1st edition thin don’t exist as the thin/thick variation was on the holos only. All non-holo 1st base cards were thick. Also, there’s an English unlimited yellow cheek pikachu that was printed on Japanese card stock and distributed in Japan, you can find it on eBay.

Thanks cbd1235! :grin:

Just to confirm, is the Pikachu card printed in English, but on Japanese card stock, that you are talking about Unlimited or from the “1999-2000” print? I know you said Unlimited but I just want to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it is unlimited (1999) and printed exactly like an English one, yet on Japanese card stock. I’ll get more info for you tonight but I’m on my phone at the moment.

Alright, thank you. I appreciate the help. It’s nice to see a fellow Canadian who has such a vast knowledge of Pokemon :grin:

I’m trying to find that card on eBay (or elsewhere), but I’m having no luck. Is it called anything in particular (like the “Ghost” Pikachu) or is it just “Unlimited Base Set Pikachu 58/104 on Japanese Card Stock”?

Edit: Is this the card you were talking about?


Edit: Is it a promo card or is it from Base Set and numbered 58/104?

Sorry, the card in the link is the one I’m talking about. My memory has failed me, I thought it was unlimited but as it turns out it is indeed shadowless.

Alright, thanks for the information. Looks like that seller only ships to the United States unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

No problem, try dropping them a quick message, most will give in and ship to you. Either way, they come up pretty frequently anyways.

I’m pretty sure in the Japanese CD Promo set it comes with a bonus Base set print Pikachu in English. Not sure if it varies from any others you have.

EDIT: it was printed by Media Factory in Japan but seems to look the same as the WOTC one.

Then of course since you’ve got Japanese ones it was also released in Korean, Chinese, Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese. (Think that’s all the languages)

Also not sure of the POP and Rising Rivals belong here since they aren’t the same card and even though similar the artwork is different.