Tracking EX Series Booster Box Prices

Ex Dragon Frontiers (minter as mint) 45K


Tbh this is a bit hard to believe but what do I know. I guess there are buyers willing to pay 150% of where I’ve been selling them at as my buyer base isn’t exhaustive whatsoever. Quite a sale price!

$45k is definitely dramatically above recent sales figures, but I believe it. Rainbowgym pretty much has the best provenance imaginable – she was a high-level Pokemon judge during the 2000s and (if I’m not mistaken) has been the singular owner of these boxes since their original release. I think provenance is a really important factor with these boxes at this point.

But I do understand where you’re coming from. I have no doubt that almost anyone else would struggle to sell a DF box for that price haha.


gotta be that premium :wink:

but congrats @rainbowgym thats very impressive

Yes I am indeed first owner of all boxes I’m selling and I am not in a hurry.
Except for my 1st ed base box (which is not on sale anyways), that one I am the second owner.
Provenance is what counts for sure. Boxes being already in Europe also matters.
Most collectors in Europe are first looking inside Euope. If you buy from anywere outside Europe you have to pay VAT which is around 20%. Also risking customs damages your box (read: opens the seal)

It’s a very strong sale, but the box was as mint as you can imagine + delivery in person was included.


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Saw this scrolling FB. Just in case any one is interested. Have no idea if good prices Redirecting...


Not the worst prices (especially not compared to what I’ve seen people on IG asking in recent months lol), but not great either. Mostly above comps. Beautiful boxes, though!


You’re back! You missed several ex era voting polls sir


I was never gone! just insanely busy, which won’t be changing anytime soon in case anyone wants to take over keeping the original post up to date. luckily, prices have seemingly remained pretty flat for EX so it should be reasonably accurate as-is lol.


Here’s another one on FB Redirecting...

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Boxes ended as expected, funny how disconnected public and ig bros prices tend to be these days