Tracking EX Series Booster Box Prices

There’s a thread on WotC box prices, and I feel that, if anything, it’s more useful to keep track of EX Series box sales/market prices in this format. There’s so little sales data on EX Series booster boxes and I think a thread with relevant information would be helpful to prospective buyers/sellers. So I’m going to list the EX Series sets along with the most recent booster box sale price that I’m aware of. If you become aware of an EX Series booster box sale, please comment on this thread and make the info known and I will update this post accordingly. I will also give current rough market estimates based on offers made on this forum and other relevant market info that I’m aware of (i.e., pack prices). I will keep that updated moving forward as well. If you think that an estimate of mine is off, please let me know.

Most Recent Sale Price:
EX Ruby & Sapphire – $8,000 (10/21 – public sale)
EX Sandstorm – $6,000 (2/22 – public sale, damaged box)
EX Dragon – **$14,400 ** (8/22 – public sale)
EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua – $7750 (10/21 – public sale)
EX Hidden Legends – $5700 (11/21 – public sale)
EX FireRed & LeafGreen – $14,400 (10/21 – public sale)
EX Team Rocket Returns – $39,000 (2/21 – public sale)
EX Deoxys – $36,000 (11/21 – public sale)
EX Emerald – $17,500 (4/23 – public sale)
EX Unseen Forces – $13,000 (12/21 - public sale)
EX Delta Species – $30,000 (1/22 – public sale)
EX Legend Maker – $10,700 (5/22 – public sale)
EX Holon Phantoms – $25,000 (10/22 – private sale)
EX Crystal Guardians – $13,000 (9/21 – private sale)
EX Dragon Frontiers – $32,500 (1/22 – public sale)
EX Power Keepers – $8900 (10/21 – public sale)

Appx. Current Market Value:

EX Ruby & Sapphire – $8500
EX Sandstorm – $8000
EX Dragon – $14,000
EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua – $8500
EX Hidden Legends – $6000
EX FireRed & LeafGreen – $14,000
EX Team Rocket Returns – $30,000
EX Deoxys – $35,000
EX Emerald – $10,000
EX Unseen Forces – $13,000
EX Delta Species – $15,000
EX Legend Maker – $11,000
EX Holon Phantoms – $22,000
EX Crystal Guardians – $13,000
EX Dragon Frontiers – $26,000
EX Power Keepers – $9500

**Current Buylist Prices (**Green is T&T andBlue is D&A)

EX Ruby & Sapphire – $6800/ $6000
EX Sandstorm – $6180 / $6000
EX Dragon – $9360 / $8000
EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua – $6180 / $4600EX Hidden Legends – $6800 / $4000
EX FireRed & LeafGreen – $10,510 / $7200EX Team Rocket Returns – $12,360 / $13,000
EX Deoxys – $30,910 / $17,500
EX Emerald – $7420**/ $5750**
EX Unseen Forces – $8030 / $9500EX Delta Species – $6180 / $8500
EX Legend Maker – $8030 / $6400
EX Holon Phantoms – $9270 / $9000
EX Crystal Guardians – $8340 / $7000
EX Dragon Frontiers – $13,600 / $10,500
EX Power Keepers – **$8030 / $5750 **

Any new sales info or input on market estimates or anything else, just post on this thread!


I didn’t realize the boxes are worth this much these days, hooooly crap


I thought the above prices would take 5 years to occur lol.


@zorloth, EX Deoxys is a little closer to USD 20,000 - there’s a box that exists locally, and I know the seller tried to move it locally and through Virbank but failed to do so. From there, I guess we derive the value of the rest of the boxes in relation to this + whatever was recently sold. This was 1-2 months ago.

I do feel that the ex-series is quite undervalued though, in relation to the price movement that we’ve seen in base. Thus, ex box prices could really be a mixed bag, as recent purchases are probably more reflective of what people are missing from their collections or something rather than which set is the most valuable/is the most popular.

You’re about to get a bunch of PMs


There’s a member on here offering $40k for a Deoxys box with no luck. So I think it’s a reasonable assumption that the box is worth at least $40k since no one’s selling at that price.

And I agree! And it’s not just Base that’s seen price movement recently – look at Jungle/Fossil. Plus, it’s a common misperception that the EV for EX Series boxes is poor. But, interestingly, that’s not the case anymore. Consider EX Ruby Sapphire. Each pack has a reverse holo, which is minimum $20 in PSA 9 and minimum $40 in PSA 10. Assuming a 50/50 split and that you pull literally only the least valuable reverse holos, then that’s $1080. And more likely closer to $2k. And then the exs from that set are very expensive in PSA 10 (although they’re also difficult to grade). And you pull 6 per box. And the holos are also worth a solid amount in PSA 10 – even for the least valuable ones, you’re looking at $125 each. And some are going to be much more than that – like Sceptile, which is pop 6 in PSA 10. That one is likely somewhere in the $350 to $750 range. And then the non-holo PSA 10 starters are another $35 to $50 each in PSA 10 (and there are 12 starters at common or uncommon – so you’re pulling at least one per pack, generally). All said and done, you’re clearing at least $3k from the box – and that’s absolute worst case scenario. And the box can be had for about $7k right now. There’s a real chance that you could actually profit at that price (at current PSA 9/10 values). Honestly, I think it’s a pretty great buy at the current price. I have other collecting priorities that are tying up my funds right now, but if I didn’t I’d buy a box to open. And the EV is decent enough that it would be worth it for the experience alone.

It’s crazy how little the prices have moved in the past year. I mentioned it on another thread, but I’ll restate it here: I sold my Ruby Sapphire box for $4k last fall. At that time, Unlimited Base boxes were also worth around that price. And now Base boxes are $25k ($30k?) and Ruby Sapphire boxes are…$7k? That’s either an imbalance in the current market or one in the market last year. I’m not sure that EX Series boxes will increase in value anytime soon, though, unless interest for the era picks up and/or the card prices increase again.


@hypernova, I am not going to be the middle man for anyone dont’ @ me y’all! Haha

@zorloth, there’s definitely an imbalance in the market and it’s pretty understandable as well. I highly doubt celebs are interested in anything past base, jungle, and fossil, and the ceiling for the ex-era is probably going to limited despite factoring in things like lesser supply. Also, I’m not sure 3rd gen is everyone’s favourite gen as well.

It puts “investors” in a weird spot, because you almost want to have some degree of flipping just to inflate prices and the worth of your underlying collectible.

I think ex-series stuff will act very similar to Japanese exclusives - there’s going to be demand for it, but it’ll be limited largely to collectors. It’ll take a really long time for the boxes to reach the values that you’ve put up in my opinion, which is good for people who are slowly collecting the sets. But the value of the singles currently definitely makes these sealed boxes seem undervalued.

That being said, if the boxes suddenly spike in price (in the far future), I expect that the value of the gold stars (for ex sets that have them) will increase dramatically as well and absorb the inflation in box prices if you get my drift. They are just an easy explanation for the value of their respective set(s), although we know that the holos are pretty hard to obtain as well.

I know of confirmed sales of CG at 7.5k last month and dragon frontiers 17.5k last month as well

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I dont think celebs are the way to gauge price changes over time. They are responsible for spikes but sustained growth does not come from celebs


I don’t understand? They’ve already reached these values. These are current values, not future values. Unless you think my estimates are inflated, which I don’t think they are.

@modestmudkip , problem is, for things like the 1st ed base charizard PSA 10, if celebs buy it they have no need or incentive to let it go. What happens then - do people holding on to it stick by that price? If so, can people afford it? Or do they lower their prices to try to make a sale? I think there’s a point in time where the average consumer just cannot dish out enough cash for specific chase cards.

So yes, i agree they are not responsible for sustainable or sustained growth. The problem is that price memory is baked into collectibles, especially when the market refers to something like ebay last sold for set cards (not including trophy cards).

@zorloth , sorry bud, I kept thinking about that USD 20,000 Ex Deoxys box versus your USD 40,000 estimate lol. Silly me! I think it’ll take a long time for the ex-series to see the growth rates that base is currently seeing at any rate.

It’s also tough for EX Series boxes to increase in value because there’s simply not enough sales volume. Some of these boxes haven’t had public sales in over a year. So when something never hits the market, it’s tough to know what the price is. The only true way you could know would be to put up the box in a no-reserve auction and see what it ends up at. Like, for all we know, an EX Dragon booster box could be worth $14k rather than my $10k estimate. But there’s simply no basis for me to claim that it’s $14k. The only data points we know for that box is the last sale ($10k) and the fact that one is currently listed at $18k. If one was put up for auction, any price between $9k and $14k wouldn’t surprise me. Compare that to Base Unlimited, which is constantly being bought and sold. At any moment, we can give a precise estimate of it’s market value. But there’s simply no way to do that for most of these boxes (hence why I give ranges).

The low-end of the ranges I give are the minimum I would expect the box to sell for if listed for auction right now. The high-end of the ranges are what I would consider solid, but not surprisingly high, end prices of these hypothetical auctions. Ultimately, though, there’s no way to lock a certain price until a box sells. Right now, the only true price-point for, say, an EX Delta Species booster box is Troll & Toad’s buylist price of $4630. So my price estimate is inherently speculative (but I think accurate).

EDIT: I didn’t realize it, but Troll and Toad recently increased their buylist price for EX Dragon booster boxes. They’re offering $8960. So I think $14k may actually be a reasonable high-range estimate. Would take a lot more than that for me to consider selling mine, though lol.

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Do you have info on where to obtain that deoxys box for $20k? I know half a dozen people offering way more than that. I would love to help someone get that box if that is a real price youre bringing up.


theres no deoxys boxes below 40k


Oh I am glad I didn’t wait to get mine, that box soared in price the last year it seems.
Also it might be way too hard to do this but I’m curious what these numbers are for the japanese ex series boxes.

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Another buylist that I follow for rough baselines for WOTC and EX-series booster boxes is DA Cardworld. I’ll usually check both Troll and Toad’s and DA Cardworld’s buylist prices and use whichever has the higher offer for a given booster box as the basement price for that booster box.

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Hmm, I didn’t even realize they had an online buylist. Good to know; thanks!

EDIT: just put buylists prices in the main post. Good point of reference, although they’re a bit wonky at times. I mean T&T is offering the same for Legend Maker and Holon Phantoms boxes lol.

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Not sure if this helps at all but…

According to the method above the basement prices for EX-series booster boxes would be*:

  • Crystal Guardians: - 4.2k (DA)

  • Delta Species: - 6.2k (DA)

  • Deoxys: - 12.5k (DA)

  • Dragon: - 8.96k (T&T)

  • Dragon Frontiers: - 7.5k (DA)

  • Emerald: - 4.94k (T&T)

  • Fire Red & Leaf Green: - 5.5k (DA)

  • Hidden Legends: - 3.5k (DA)

  • Holon Phantoms: - 9k (DA)

  • Legend Maker: - 4.7k (DA technically but only off T&T by 70 dollars)

  • Power Keepers: - 3.3k (DA)

  • Ruby & Sapphire: - 5k (DA)

  • Sandstorm: - 4.2k (DA)

  • Team Magma vs. Team Aqua: - 3.09k (T&T)

  • Team Rocket Returns: - 20k (DA)

  • Unseen Forces: - 4.51k (T&T technically but only off DA by 10 dollars)

*as of Oct. 14, 2020

This method of finding the basement prices does have some flaws though. Buylists don't seem to be updated terribly frequently on large items such as these (please correct me if I am wrong) meaning that any of these figures should be taken with a massive grain of salt. Additionally, it is my understanding that some buylists are only updated after a public sale has occurred (which could be the reason why Deoxys has a lower buylist than TRR for example).

Troll and Toad just updated their buylist prices on boxes within the past week – I know this because I’ve been keeping data on their buylist prices on a weekly basis for ~7 months now. Not sure about D&A’s obviously, but their buylist prices seem to be pretty current. I put the buylist prices in the original post, btw. As you said, definitely a good way to establish floor prices for items.

Ah! Ok, good to know. I’ve been following D&A’s buylist weekly and they do seem to update their prices based on most recent sales (prior to the 24k TRR box sale their buylist price in September was at around 9k I believe).

Oh! Oops, sorry about that. I must have missed that while writing out the list that I posted. :zipper_mouth_face:

Would you like me to delete the list that I posted since you put the buylist prices in your original post?