1st edition Neo genesis booster box!

Does anybody have any recent sales data on these? There’s three on ebay for 50-69k, and recently (within the last monthish time frame) I know there was a couple more. I think in the high 30s or 40s if I recall.

There are non in ebays recently sold.

Like 2 or 3 months ago there was a French one in ebays sold that sold at 22k. Obviously The market has changed alot since that sale.

Anyway, it would be awesome if someone had some private sale knowledge or public sale knowlwdge that wasn’t ebay they could steer me towards!

Thanks alot!

I saw one on virbank for sale at 35k last week. Not sure if it sold or not.

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Not sales data, but there’s one being opened next month on Twitch and they’re advertising it as a $70k box. In actuality (based on buylist prices and sales data for comparable boxes), it should be in the 30s or maybe the low 40s.

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I know someone that bought one last month for 28k but thats forever ago in this hobby


Personally, I would value the Neo boxes significantly more than other early WOTC boxes like Fossil, Team Rocket, or Gym. The production run was significantly smaller and the cards inside are potentially worth significantly more in top grades. That’s just my opinion, though.


I’ve been struggling to put a fair price on it. Getting some offers but no idea if they are reasonable or not… feels like the box should have a premium compared to individual packs due to the scarcity but there are no other good reference points. Will wait on sidelines and hope for a couple public sales to benchmark. This is the problem with not only this box. Many of the EX also have not had public/ebay sales recently and with so many market fluctuations it is very difficult to put fair value.

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That box is like a lottery ticket. The price to play is always higher than the expected outcome. Hitting the right 4-5 10s and you’re around $200k. Not to mention the other 350+ 1st edition cards in the box. If anything, this would be a hold item for me.


Unfortunately with those boxes you aren’t in a position to get a perceived “fair” deal. The seller is in almost complete control due to scarcity and demand. The ship will float farther and farther away the longer you wait.

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I know of two recent sales (if you can call a few weeks recent in that market) for around 30k.


I agree with @gemmintpokemon . . . I’m not really a sealed box collector, but 1st Edition Neo boxes have a really favorable long-term value in my opinion. 30K seems shockingly low to me, considering the price of other WOTC boxes. Then again, I’m not really a sealed box collector, so my opinion isn’t particularly valuable here. :wink:

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There was a neo genesis 1st box up by troll and toad a few weeks ago for 37k through ebay and 36k on their website I believe. They ended the listing the next day and it was sold out on their website so im inclined to believe it was sold. I think that was a steal price coupled with the fact is TnT is reputable made it an easy buy. Lugia PSA 10 also went for a crazy amount on PwCC so I think genesis has much room to move.


Might not have been a steal price; could’ve easily been someone with a shit ton of store credit deciding to cash out. I’m sitting on a lot of credit right now waiting for them to get an ex box in lol. So I wouldn’t take the $36k as a confirmed sold price.

The guy opening the box, Mizkif, explained yesterday that he paid $35k for it a few weeks ago. Foolishly added that he bought it “before the whole Pokemon craze” lmao…

Hope that helps a bit with an additional data point :slight_smile:


Take no less than $40k. They seem undervalued if Base unlimited boxes, which have fewer chase cards, are selling for like 25-30k.

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Thanks for your input everyone! Based on everything said here I’m going to guess that the 35k price range is where its at right now. I almost sold mine a month ago for 28k, im glad I didn’t!

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Are there any helpful threads on neo gen boxes so I can do my due diligence on fakes please? Just a bit worried after seeing that bald guys “deal”.

Any advice would be appreciated on what to look out for:)

If your box has logos and was purchased a long time ago, then it should be safe to assume it is real. I bought mine for 750 back in 2014 I think and that was before “faking” boxes was a thing. For a long time it was the belief that having the logos alone was a good sign of being real.


@youorbitaroundme,That by itself is what confuses me… I would be interested in trading my neo Gen 1st ed box for a PSA 9 charizard, but finding an interested party is really hard.

What people tell me is… “I don’t think the value is there” or “Boxes can be dangerous”. I get being nervous about a box, but I think a Neo gen box technically has MORE value than a 1st edition psa 9 zard (for now). It just depends on who you ask and what you prefer to own. On a bad day, a clean box should be valued at 40-50k I think, which is pretty spot on with what I’m comparing to. I would be very interested to see what a batch of boxes at auction would fetch.

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On a slightly side note, anyone have ideas of what a neo destiny 1st edition should fetch… haven’t seen that in public except for one recent listing for 125k that seems to have been taken down.

That would be a super lopsided trade (in favor of the person with the Charizard). If the Lugia holds at $100k+, then the box should be worth significantly more than $50k. It’s pretty rare for the most expensive PSA 10 in a set to be worth any amount more than a box of a set, let alone over twice as much. So either the Lugia is overvalued or the box is undervalued (or both).

If you really want the Charizard, you’re better off just selling the box and buying it. If I had the box, though, I wouldn’t sell it until the price gap between the Lugia and it narrows A LOT.