WOTC Box Market Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussing and tracking the price of WOTC era sealed boxes. The prices are gathered from posts on this thread. Please only post confirmed sales. The last 3 sales of each box will be listed and blocks will be included as one sale with a range.

(X) Following a price/range indicates multiple boxes sold as a block. / Between two prices indicates two separate sales.
Auction house will be noted where relevant (HA or PWCC)

1st Base - $384,000 24/7 HA
Shadowless -
Unlim Base - $14,400-15,600 (4) (Blue Wing) 24/7 HA $21,600 (Green Wing) 24/7 HA $18,000 (Green Wing) 30/10 PWCC
Base 1999-2000 - $36,000 5/4

1st Jungle - $14,400 24/7 HA $12,100 29/7 PWCC $10,500/11,500 30/10 PWCC
Unl Jungle - $8300 27/4 $6600 19/6 $7200 24/7 HA

1st Fossil - $10,200-10,800 (6) 24/7 HA 10,800-12,100 (3) 28/7 PWCC $9250 30/10 PWCC
Unl Fossil - $9250 18/5 (slight damage) $7200 24/5

Base 2 - $8400 24/7 HA $8500 29/7 PWCC $6750-7250 (4) 30/10 PWCC

1st Rocket - $13,600 (2) PWCC 29/6 $10,800-12,200 24/7 (7) HA $10,000 30/10 PWCC
Unl Rocket - $10,200 28/4 $7800 24/7 HA

1st Heroes - $12,069 26/6 $10,200-10,600 (3) PWCC 29/6 $12,000 24/7 HA
Unl Heroes - $9700 28/4 $8150 18/5 (damaged) $9100/9600 29/7 PWCC

1st Challenge - $16,200/$16,600 PWCC 29/6 $12,600-15,600 (7) 24/7 HA $12,700 29/7 PWCC
Unl Challenge - $7800 24/7 HA $8500 29/7 PWCC $8750 30/10 PWCC

1st Genesis - $39,600 24/5 $32,100 21/6 $31,200-33,600 (6) 24/7 HA
Unl genesis - $20,209 18/5 $11,500 30/10 PWCC

1st Discovery - $25,100 8/5 $16,800 19/6 $18,000 24/7 HA
Unl Discovery - $13,400 18/5 $10,000 29/7 PWCC $9000 30/10 PWCC

1st Revelation - $26,600 18/4 (badly damaged) $31,200 19/6 $32,400 24/7 HA
Unl Revelation - $14,100 18/5 (damaged) $12,500/13,160 29/7 PWCC $10,000/10,500 30/10 PWCC

1st Destiny - $49,400 12/12
Unl Destiny - $25,900 18/5

LC - $32,000 22/5 $40,085 11/7

Expedition - $36,500 early may

Aquapolis - $36,500 early May (dented corner)

Skyridge - $31,099 - 9/5


Base set unl - 20k
Jungle 1st - 12k
Fossil 1st - 9k
Team Rocket 1st - 10k
Gym heroes 1st- 9.2k
Gym challenge 1st - 12k
Neo gen 1st - 22k
Neo disc 1st - 15k
Expedition - idk tbh
Aquapolis - 18k-22k

Give or take 10% on all of them. Prices in USD.


Completely unrelated, but what card is your profile picture? It looks really nice

Seriously, how are Base boxes nigh-over $20K? I mean I realise it was the second box, but Jesus!

I guess I’m always baffled that the early boxes are above Team Rocket ~

lol I was just about to make a buying post for some of these

A more difficult question is where the heck are EX boxes at these days?


My theory: theres been an influx of sports card collectors and they’ve gone for what works in sports… Rookie cards. 1st set printed, has a charizard etc.

Base is the rookie of pokemon.


I think the better question is where the heck are EX boxes these days. Finding one might be harder than paying the money.


I took a shot at it in my buy post, Idk if anyone will bite or if they will consider my offers a disrespect to themselves and their ancestors (which people tend to do these days)


The Platinum 10/127 (or Japanese Galactic’s Conquest 051/096) Giratina.



If I was in possession of a Base Set box right now I’d be flipping that ish immediately for Neo and e-Series boxes. I know it has been said a million times by now but the sheer quantity difference is staggering so for the prices to be so similar is ludicrous.

Flip your Base box and run lmao


Yeah give me a nice aquapolis over base set any day. Too bad I can’t afford either


That’s a pretty fine theory ~

Yeah, and I was always under the impression that Neo and e-Series boxes were printed less than Base - as that’s when Pokemon began to lose its unstoppable momentum ~

You leave out 50% of the equation: demand.


I would put 1st ed gym challenge in the 14.5k range. 2 boxes have sold around 15k in the last week.

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Also from a psa pop comparison, 1st ed jungle and base unlimited should be switched but as Z&G says and is correct demand for base >1st ed jungle.

Pokemon is a hot market right now being flooded by people who aren’t nearly as knowledgeable about the hobby as those who have been in it for 5/10/20 years. They demand Base Set now because investing in the original cards is what makes all the money in sports collectibles and other hobbies. They are rolling with “the older the better” while forgetting the other part of the equation of “the rarer the better”.

Base Set may be the original, but the other WotC sets have so much to offer, and the Neo and e-Series sets are especially rarer. There are people will basements brimming with Base Set boxes, while one might go months at a time without seeing a 1st edition Neo or e-Series box on the market. The PSA pops also reflect this.

Once things calm down a little bit more, and the rich newcomers/investors to the hobby wise up a bit or bail, the disparity between Base Set boxes and Neo + e-Series boxes will increase dramatically–and it won’t be in favor of Base.

Given the dramatic rise in prices over not just the past 7 months but the past 1.5 years in general, I would be more keen to believe that Base price dropping is more likely than Neo + e-Series rising.

I mean, there is a reason why for many years now–up until like the past two months–that Base Set boxes were largely less expensive than later 1st edition WotC boxes. It may be iconic, but its sheer print quantity is overwhelming.


Here is a price list I publish monthly based on my research and analysis. I publish this on my on Insta account. It has prices for both WOTC and ex. Its also a monthly index, and I started the index in June this year, so you can track price developments over time, like an indicator for the Vintage pokemon market. Some prices are hard to set, like Deoxys, thus I have set 25 with the lack of any transactions. But I know Deoxys currently has bid 40 / ask 60, but I have not included bid/ask due to lack of space. Hope you will find this helpful.


Couldn’t agree more!

I guess my assumption was correct: that Neo + e-Series had a lower print run than Base, as the formers were printed when Pokemon was at a decline. But Shadowless and Base 2000 should clearly take precedence ~

Make a thread for it! It would be super useful to understand the mysterious creatures that are EX Series booster boxes lol. It’s like these things don’t exist