Recession talk + jump in sealed booster box prices

Did a bit of small research but it seems a lot of the WoTC sealed booster boxes have increased a lot in price recently…

Unlimited Base Set is over 3.5-4k now (was below 3k)
1st edition Jungle is 3-3.5k (was 2-2.5k)
1st edition Fossil is 3k+(was 2k)
1st edition Neo Genesis 4k (was around 3k)

Crazy market…
Single cards have not changed much in 2019…

I am definitely noticing that supply is going down, so I guess people are absorbing all the supplies on the market?

It felt like an overnight thing for me. A few weeks ago Base unlimited boxes were going for ~$2800-3000, and I tried to pick up another mint one and instantly couldn’t find one for lower than $3200. Now I don’t think you will find a very mint base unl box for under $4000

If you subscribe to smprattes patreon, he talks for a bit about the jump

Will there ever be a momentary decrease and then an increase? ~

Not surprised with the amount of deep fried raffles of people opening these boxes sooner or later the supply will dry up. Take Skyridge the singles go down while the box shoots into the hype beast stratosphere


We’re going to the moon folks


probably beginning of next year there will be a dip in price but not by alot, as sealed product especially booster boxes are a different entity when it comes to the market they can only get less!! but yeh id imagine a little back drop in price after xmas probs be a good shout to hold on till then!!


I was just looking at this. It has gone through the roof all of a sudden. I think momentum was built up with all the breaks and no price change. It has finally released the energy and it has gone nuts.

Im Australian aswell so that plus the weakening dollar has my collection sky rocketing.

I’ve noticed the same with respect to the prices of the booster boxes. I was wondering do you see - now that the prices are a fair bit higher - sales of the booster boxes slowing down?

Just an FYI, I sold ace a Fossil box 1st edition, I think for about $1800, now its doubled in price and this was not long ago. My Team Rocket 1st edition box, I bought two months ago for $1700 and about doubled too, craziness… I forget too, still a factor the condition its in.

How many of these boxes do you think people are buying to keep sealed as compared to opening for packs? I bought a 1st edition fossil box a few years back and the person sent it in a big padded envelope that ripped half open. They claimed that it is what the post office recommended but the corners of the box were all bent out of shape, but also I was able to get some money back through USPS insurance.

I think most if not all are starting to keep vice open unless they are part of a hype channel. It almost feels dumb to open sealed now seeing how much they have “Rocketed” in price. Nothing wrong with opening but as it has been mentioned on the forum multiple times, more WOTC sealed gets opened, less supply and possibly more demand. Just remember, you can’t buy out the market. Scott mentions this in one of his videos: Can You Buyout PSA 10 1st Ed Base Charizard? Price Fallacy - Relative Discretionary Income - YouTube

A 1st Neo Discovery booster box in February 2018 for £1,340; and a 1st Team Rocket booster box in May 2018 for £1.4/1.5-ish.

Difficult to answer; are these being bought by individuals or businesses? Though most businesses would feel it rather folly to invest in collectables - something to which Scott as stated in the past.

I don´t see it slowing down at all at the moment. Most of the newly listed boxes in Europe sell within 1-3 days if priced at market value.

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Keep those boxes sealed! I can imagine in 50 years time those sealed prestine boxes will be worth thousands.

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Theyre already worth thousands technically, and planning to save something for 50 years is ridiculous haha


when i bought my 1st ed neo genesis box last July for 2800, i thought that was a good buy. for a while, the prices were not moving, but in August, the prices across the board for sealed WoTC boxes went up like nuts. I think this is great for the hobby. i can’t tell if it’s investors taking position or what, but it is a great sign that there’s still much momentum in the pokemon universe. with a massive spike, usually there’s a correction, if this is indeed not a natural projection. however, these products are still massively popular and, as many have said already, only decreasing in quantity day by day. there’s a guy on ebay liquidating his collection, with some super sought after sets - 1st ed neo destiny, ex deoxys, etc. if there is a true global economic slowdown with so much uncertainty and unrest, collectible markets could be a good spot to park some investment.

i don’t think there’s a wrong time to buy sealed wotc boxes at any point. i’m just excited to be in this hobby at this point in time. i do hope pokemon continues to grow, because this is a hobby i hope i can share with my kids and grandkids in the future. our hobby deserves a spot on the mt rushmore of collectibles.

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I wouldn’t even call this recent price rise a ‘massive jump’ these boxes are still dirt cheap


Just be careful if you’re buying in at the moment, while a few boxes are selling at the higher prices a lot are being shilled and aren’t being paid for. I’ve seen numerous boxes get relisted due to non paying bidders, some are on their third round of being listed.


The supply to market has dropped way off.

So many people are doing box breaks now.