THE Great Grading Results Thread

Thanks for the quick response - i actually posted a small sub to them today which is why i queried whether there was much use of middle man servicing but they were also at the kent card shows so seem to be the largest around…Ill see how this sub goes then ill start sending the rest there way.

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I believe you can now submit cards directly to PSA, in-person, at the card shows they attend in the UK. I read they were at the recent London Card Show. This could be an option going forward, if you’re not in a hurry.

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I submit directly, if you plan on sending any significant amount of cards, or frequently send to PSA, I’d suggest just learning how to do it yourself.

It’s roughly £2 per card cheaper (my last submission of 100 cards came to £13.55 per card, all shipping and costs included vs £15.50 from sub center, im not sure if they charge return shipping and how much?). You’ll also have quicker turnarounds as you don’t have to wait until the end of the month when they submit their cards, have to wait for their processing times etc.

Plus having full control of the submission in case of issues, needing to reslab via CRC, etc is a pretty nice thing to have.

IMO if its just a one off submission, or infrequently submitting items for your collection, then the cost savings and turnaround are less important and i’d just send to a MM like Sub Center to make the process easier



Best of my most recent batch.


Huge win! Congrats! :partying_face:

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Thank ya kindly

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Best of my latest return.


Congrats! One of the best Old Ex



Tiny dent? Cgc is more lenient on dents than psa who goes to automatic 6

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No dent that I can spot. There was a decent amount of corner and edgewear. My personal pre-grade was a Psa 7. This is arguably a tougher year to grade though. Still going in the PC :slight_smile:

Still seems to have great eye appeal and of course really rare card. Great addition!

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Yeah my subs from NJ have been rough, i always pray for cali graders

Has there been a correlation between sending via FedEx or USPS if it goes to Cali or NJ? Wanna try sending my next submission to cali to regarde some cards.

The Gem from my most recent sub


I always send with usps, and that address is in california, so I don’t know the answer to your question. I think they decided which office grades it based on grading volume at that time, like cali office slammed so send subs to nj and vice versa.

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I only send using usps. Out of my last 3 subs 2 were shipped back from NJ, 1 was shipped back from CA. All 3 were shipped to the CU receiving address in CA.

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Some highlights from my recent sub:

The vaporeon “paid” for the whole sub even though I am going to keep it.