Thor Gene's PSA Returns [ Update 9/30/2015 ]

First batch of the 2 10 day submissions I sent. Overall Fairly happy with everything. All English cards will be in future giveaways with the exception of the Venusaurs.

-Corocoro Nidoking
-700 PT. Porygon
-Masaki Gengar

will be sent in again for regrade.


9 and 10 Holo gift set?!??! $$$$$$$$$$$ wow. just awesome.
Idk, id keep that gengar @ at a 9. Those masaki a so tough to get 10s because of that envelope they were packaged in. You might even get a lesser grade, which would be terrible, but good luck!

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How did the Nidoking get a 7! it was freshly peeled!

My thoughts exactly. XD I’ll look at it again before I crack it open.

Starter grades are super;) They can be tough…

So I hear, Just need that Zapdos now -__-

Did you open a brand new box?

Yes I did @elam18 from what I understand Moltres is the harder one to grade, so I don’t feel too bad about zapdos.

Funny thing.
I graded this set and got all 9s and only a MOLTRES 10 lol.

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@garyis2000 Sounds like I need to make a trade happen :heart_eyes:

Congrats man! Those Starter gift holos turned out good! I’m way jealous of the Articuno!!!

Often times the peel promos and vending cards have difficult to see scratches on the back.

2nd out of 3 batches from PSA. The shining Zard made up for the masaki’s grading poorly. Too bad I don’t need it.


Special thanks to @hapycakeoven for selling me the Dark fearow and Rocket mewtwo

You can give it to me if you don’t need it :wink:

Always nice to get a 10 on any Charizard, let alone on a Shining that you pulled yourself :blush:

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Huge congrats on the awesome returns! Especially the 'Zard and Dark Fearow. :blush:

I thought of you the whole time joey<3

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Can we trade for PSA 1 Crystal charizard now? PLZ…lol

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Yay! I’m happy the dark fearow got a 10 :wink: