just got my psa returns. good grades. hate regrading.

So I got some pretty amazing grades but wasn’t happy with psa for another reason. I took 11 of the best psa 9s from my previous e series submission. 10 out if 11 of them got psa 10. I sent off a complete skyridge set and the holos were perfect. I had over a 50% psa 10 rate but I wonder how many will get psa 10s if I resubmit.

I am going to submit cards to psa but in smaller batches. I’ve noticed psa 10s especially on the newer ones they are are weak psa 10s that I purchased from people.

I’m happy I got the psa 10s but I’m mad that I had to resubmit 15 cards to get 13 psa 10s in this submission. Is this just the reality of using psa?

You might email PSA and express your concern with them, as they would be the only ones actually able to do something about it.

That’s not to say they will, but it’s going to have more of an effect.

I could buy I doubt it’ll only highlight myself or other pokemon collectors. I doubt it’ll be addressed either. Since we’re stuck using psa for pokemon I’d like some consistency for 10s.

But they can see you regularly grade and it will be a seed for potential change. They definitely aren’t going to come here and read about the issue. If people that have these problems message them regularly enough, there’s at least a chance something will actually be done about it.

I’m not worried about them coming here and reading stuff. I meant since I grade pokemon cards and we all grade pokemon cards Id rather not make ripples. Several other people here have had the same concern or had the same thing happen with cards not being as consitent as a grading company should be. I will wait til the cards come and review them. I will compare them to other cards within the same set.

One of the ones I was extremely frustrated with was a Plasma Freeze master set I purchased. I purchased
this set from one of the winners at world. This was a custom job and the cards were all printed together.
Plasma Blast and Plasma Freeze are among the easiest to complete for engish FA/SR. I am only missing 1 FA from Plasma Blast
and 4 cards from freeze. I picked out the best FA/SRs from the Plasma Freeze set. I even compared them to my PSA 10s. Those sets are known for having little to no white. The centering was fine as well. 1 out of 8 got PSA 10. I scrutinize cards more and more yet the pattern of grades is still the same.

This next submission I am going mix up how I send in cards. Both in quantity and how I organize them within the submission.

My hope is just that the quality of grading will improve if enough complaints are made about pokemon grading specifically. Maybe they need to re-evaluate how they are done.

Does anyone know the quantity of cards they assess in one day, and on average 1 grader will look at?

Zelda Gilroy said it was 1000 for bulk graders. So an average of one every 30 seconds.

@bagoly14 it’s not that the cards I get are not psa 10s. Very rarely that. It’s just that what I sent were better than the psa 10 english cards I purchased. I’ll post some pictures. Comparing the two. I guarantee that around 10% will be 10s. This next submission I am going to mix up the order. I feel like when the cards from the same set are next to each other I get less 10s.

So I’m going to try an experiment with this next submission. I think there are some truths or very high chance things we can agree upon.

Japanese cards grade extremely well

WOTC sets had better production/higher PSA 10 rate from packs than post WOTC.

  • Newer Sets in english Phantom Forces were produced extremely well.
  • Some sets graded better than others.

Cards from packs from the ex series packs/boxes have a decent PSA 10 rate/ 30-50%

I opened 2 WOTC boxes - 1 Aquapolis & 1 Expedition. Plus over 30 packs of each.

I opened hundreds of ex packs I got in trades.

Between myself and my friend we opened nearly 20 cases from Phantom Forces and Furious Fist.
Also an additional 5 cases from various boxes. I picked out the best, most centered AND no
wear from the back.

I am going to post PSA 10 pictures. Most of these, I feel, are PSA 10s but weak PSA 10s.
I am going to post some examples of the cards I’ll send in the next submission.

Here are some the recent PSA 10 English cards I got from other people. They all sent in smaller submissions.

This Yveltal seems too off center. Among all the PSA 10s this is one I feel might not be a 10.

These are ones I am more concerned with. The backs have a little corner wear which I believe down grades card the most for. The majority of the cards I sent and am sending have as much or less wear than these PSA 10s. Why is the PSA 10 rate so small if they are similar.

Now here are some of the examples of the cards I will be sending. The majority of the 400 cards I have to submit look similar to these. Over 50% were taken from packs.

What do you mean by lisping? The slight curve on the corners?

I do think I know what you mean. Looking at some of the 10s. Some to have it and others dont. So it’s another thing that’s not consistent. If lisping is a problem then the card with lisps/lips And corner wear should be graded harder than cards with no lips/lisps that have none. To me lips are less damaging to the eye appeal than white spots on edges and corner.

Did you get a 10 on your f/a Ray?

That hasn’t been sent yet. It’ll go in the next few submission. Thats one I wasn’t sure about. I didn’t pull it and while it should get a 9 it might not be enough for a 10. I won’t sell it if it gets a 10.