PSA $15 Bulk TCG Special

I don’t see any official announcement of this, but PSA has a $15 TCG bulk special listed on their website right now! $200 limit.

Do you have any cards you’ll be sending in at $15?


It looks like PSA is changing the base bulk rate and running a new TCG promo! $15 opens the door for a ton of cards to submit.


About to open the floodgates!


I had a few stacks waiting for this :sweat_smile:


Wow, creating an order right now lol

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nooo I was hoping that wouldn’t happen for another month or two, had a bunch of cards I was going to pick up to grade

replied to the wrong person oops

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Is this it boys? or hold?


My current membership expires on the 25th of this month, I haven’t had to renew it since before PSA shutdown for Covid in 2020 since they’ve always just auto-extended it until bulk opened again. Debating just submitting 25-50 cards at $15 and letting my membership expire until they get to $10 or less again.

Thing is my current membership is the $60 silver tier, and I don’t think they offer it anymore so if I let it lapse I may not be able to renew at that price again. Anyone else here have a silver account they’ve been able to recently renew at $60?


It’s awesome to see the price continue to go down. With this being so close to their $22 announcement, I’d imagine they didn’t get many cards at that price point.

For me personally though, I don’t really have much that I would send at $15 that I didn’t send at $18. I think I’ll do a small sub and then continue to hold out. At this rate, I think $10 in the not that distant future is possible.


Any idea how long this promo will last and estimated turn around?
Debating if I should buy the membership and send what I have from my old collection.
Need some time to go through the cards.

I have some Sandstorm ready to send so I will use it. Bulk option says 10 cards minimum, return time depending on demand.

Nice I will definitely have to act on this one


Sweet! Finally clearing out some of the grading piles ahah

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This is good. A downward trajectory on price and timed such that we’re able to send another order as July specials are returning.

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Of course my PSA submission arrives at PSA tomorrow… oh well. Glad to see prices look like they’re trending downwards.

Few notes about this.

First of all, I was going to send in a rather massive submission, but after thinking about it a little more, I think I’ll just do a small sub here (maybe 50 cards) and wait. PSA had its $18 special in July and has now dropped bulk grading to $18, so perhaps they are going to run this $15 special for a little bit and then just drop bulk grading to $15 a couple of months from now anyway. At this rate, they’ll be back at $10 a card by mid-2023, and I’m perfectly fine holding out until then.

Second, say what you want about PSA, but they have done an incredible job over the past several months. They are moving very quickly and have obviously mowed through their backlog and all of the $18 special subs. Hats off to Nat.

Finally, either Nat wasn’t being entirely truthful about PSA getting “more subs than they thought” at $18 in order to try and get people comfortable submitting at $22, or PSA just has so much more capacity now that they can actually handle a flood of submissions. Hopefully it’s the latter.

Either way, it looks like the days of PSA getting backlogged are over. Barring some unforeseen circumstances like 2020, I don’t think we will ever see PSA get that backed up ever again.

Good times are ahead, everyone.


This is great news, but with how fast they’re dropping prices I’m just going to hold out for $10 or under now.


Sending a PC order I didn’t think would get done this year.


Decided to submit 25 PC cards at this rate, and let my membership expire until they open up $10 or cheaper.


I’m still holding out