PSA Reopens Value Service @ $30/card


What about 2020 bulk. :pensive:



Isn’t this sooner than your prediction in your video?

At $20 my GS Greninjas will fill a whole warehouse at PSA


Opening up lower tiers, just to add to the backlog? hmm

Neat to see that they are only allowing cards from 1996-2022. I guess their looking for the flood of cheaper Pokémon cards.

The post literally says that they aren’t shipping these submissions until 2021 orders are taken care of. They’re probably comfortable accepting cards at that tier now because anything from 2021 is probably done with the R&ID step at this point and they can have those employees working on inputting subs from this tier into the system so that they’ll ready to be graded by the time the backlog is cleared.

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To be fair this only cuts out 1 year of Pokemon related cards, and from Japan.

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Took me a bit to realize that it says 20 card minimum, not maximum.

i’ll miss these cards, but they were made for this and have been patiently waiting for their opportunity. godspeed little ones, hopefully i’ll see you in 3 years.


Does that mean the service will reopen starting Thursday, or that it is only available on Thursday, perhaps as a sort of trial run? Not a native speaker, so forgive me if that should have been clear from the wording. I can’t seem to find any more information on their website (yet), and unfortunately their instagram is just pure salt.

Yes, if you are a club member this tier will open to you on Thursday :blush:


Can I combine sports and TCG cards into the same submission to get to 20 card minimum?

good point, I hope this works out well for us (the customers).

Oh yeah I didn’t mean it as they cut a year. I meant I think its cool they chose pretty much the run cycle of the tcg. What kind of stuff isn’t included? I didn’t know there were cards pre 96.

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Well if you ask PSA topsun was released in 1995 but there is strong evidence that this is not the case. Otherwise I think everything should be included?

Idk $30 seems steep for value I might wait a bit or slowly stagger some cards. It will certainly make people think twice about submitting junk. With the decline in graded card prices do you all have a lot of cards that make sense at $30 that didn’t at $50?

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@cardstockpile , Ahh okay. I’ll have to look into Topsun. I’ve only vaguely heard about the whole 95-96 thing if I recall. Thanks

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Looks like yes, the online submission form allows sports and TCG cards in the same submission.

Yes actually, I have stacks and stacks of cards for my personal collection that I didn’t want to send at $50 but now I’m happy to send at $30. Not yet going to send everything in my grading pile but all/most of the cards with raw values between $30-100 are going at the $30 price.

Largely, my interest in sending now at the $30 price point is that I don’t particularly think anything lower is going to open any time soon, and I’ve been waiting so long to get these cards graded that I’m happy to finally get them sent off.