Pokedex Artwork - Week #6 - 091 - 108 - August 9th, 2020

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This week will have fun art!!


Here comes the pain.

This is essentially chanting Necronomcon verses to the old ones.

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This will be Dante’s Abandoning all hope level shit…




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A bit late to the party for these but here’s mine:


Cloyster: XY 32/146
Gastly: Stormfront 62/100 (also, the Arceus 36/99 artwork somehow reminds me of a black lum from Rayman :laughing: )
Haunter: Diamond & Pearl 50/130
Gengar: Team Up 53/181
Onix: EX FireRed & LeafGreen 42/112
Drowzee: Gym Challenge 95/132
Hypno: Aquapolis 16/147
Krabby: Phantom Forces 13/119
Kingler: Expedition Base Set 15/145 (with EX Crystal Guardians 22/100 being a close second)
Voltorb: Rebel Clash 056/192
Electrode: Triumphant 93/102
Exeggcute: Jungle 52/64
Exeggutor: Jungle 35/64
Cubone: BREAKthrough 77/162
Marowak: Jungle 39/64
Hitmonlee: Call of Legends 58/95
Hitmonchan: Undaunted 51/90
Lickitung: Southern Islands 16/18



Yay! My favorite thing on Mondays :blush:


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck. Did you just eat that whole mushroom farm? Are you sure they were Shiitakes?

Prepare to scroll.
However if descending, please accompany with the soundtrack for this weeks entry.

There’s no getting around it. Cloyster is a Gastly turned vagina dentata clam. You’ll never look at this peice the same way.

Only nothing but the whole Gastly is super underrated in the line although Gengar has remained constant outside TCG (being a substitute for Alakazam) not only due to mainstream popularity, also it’s VGC success. But we’re here to celebrate their visual journey. Gastly looks Bat like or even Looney Tunes inspired. You can see what Belle Delphine is trying to transform into when she makes that fucking stupid simpering gesture for all her losers, anyway I was one who LIKED Haunter as holofoil.

Despite the Doppelganger/ Cheshire Cat basis, there is a Joker somewhere in Gangar. Whereas Alakazam is sorta Pokémon’s Dark Magician. Alpha Alakazam/ Omega Gengar? Idk… I recently made a sketch of the evo line flying, based after sharks, air swimming.
It’s the Dark Haunter/ Gengar that gets me most but damn the consistency I suppose with three of the earliest abstract characters. Back then it’s absract nature woke me as the dimension wall breaking Pokémon equivalent to this. I’m sure all the ghosts act this way somewhere in the anime.
Nice try Sabrina’s Gastly, but lol Slowbro isn’t one to fuck with. Kusajima’s Gastly (EX Legend Maker) got that 90’s Cartoon Newtork look going.

I started to change the accuracy of sync around the later sets because, well they looked better.

Honorable mentions with commentary: Onix was my introduction to Pokémon via anime and my first card and had a soft spot since. Yep. Komiya’s Vending Onix is incredibly heartfelt. Aww. The Aquapolis Kusajiima one too which syncs with his Steelix art but it’s the Arita one that captured me most and angrily was disappointed it wasn’t rare but Brock’s has got the Stadium vibes on point (Itoh).

Besides a few boring ones Drowzee and Hypno have several psychedelic masterpieces under their belt and that’s saying something, which is kinda disturbing but fuck, what are we Abra line cultists gonna do? Komiya’s and Himeno’s examples are some of Pokémon’s greatest work. I love them. Please make a shining Hypno card soon.

Kingler’s definitely been shafted after it’s anime character, hope to see something epic come out of its new form soon, unlike getting ignored (Mega Pinsir). Komiya Vending orb of course. Electrode is just shit. Voltorb has something going. The Shining Exeggcute was a great choice at a time when Shinings were a lure of mystery but man does Exeggutor rank high in that treatment too.

Having Threexeggutors one for each head here. Fight me. Southern Islands (Kimura) e-series (Baba & Kizuki) and OOyama’s were close but there’s something trippy about Toshinao Aoki’s Dark exe. Incase you’re wondering by now Exeggutor is a trip.

Speaking of trips it gets harder to look at Cubone’s work as life goes on, and has grown to favor it more as it resonates with you increasingly. Sowsow is one of the more prominent modern team members. Fuck.

The Hitmons work best when in sync together. If only Throh and Sawk kept the character tradition. Komiya’s Team UP rendition is close but actually for not it’s use of sunset setting popular to martial arts in Japan but the urban atmosphere. There’s just that little more symbolic theme happening leaning me toward Negishi’s. Yuka Morii’s take on being selected for Bruno of all characters was perfect.

Lickitung seems to me related to the Poliline, having close frog attributes. Nishida is brilliant with the white highlights but akin to Koizumi’s Unified Licki, it should go into the trippy, Uzumaki direction.

@azulryu meant to say this before but you don’t have to feel the need to reconsider after seeing mine. I assure you that I don’t intend on plagiarising and we’re merely being psychic, not seeing your choice until after.

As always, if you make it to the end. Thank you for sticking around to give a care about my opinion.


@kurtosisblakeinfini , great picks. I need some of whatever you’re smoking. Check out this clip of the ghosts from the first season of the show:

:12 is me and the boys watching comedy central at 2 am after rolling some fat doinks


I don’t know how I’m going to top @kurtosisblakeinfini so I won’t try. Here are my picks :laughing:

Row 1 column 1 Row 1 column 2 Row 1 column 3
Row 2 column 2 Row 2 column 3
Row 3 column 1 Row 3 column 2 Row 3 column 3
Row 4 column 1 Row 4 column 2 Row 4 column 3
Row 5 column 1 Row 5 column 2 Row 5 column 3
Row 6 column 1 Row 6 column 2 Row 6 column 3

The Gastly line was super hard to narrow down, too many amazing artworks to choose from!


Never gets old and how to me they played psychics ironically as scarier than the Ghosts and Darks.

All it is is seeing a picture on a card and saying, ‘yeah this is good’ until another comes up. However some cards can take you down the roa…

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Do you only write forum posts while on hallucinogens? Or do you have schizotypal personality disorder, schizophrenia, or some other thought disorder? I don’t mean this as an insult at all; I’m just genuinely curious. You seem cool – your posts are just super cryptic.

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Nah we all have health disadvantages but on subjective topics like these mainly I like to use references since I’m reffering to history. Some users get them and others don’t but I wouldn’t know unless I do it. Perhaps treat what I’m advocating across with a bit less literal spoonfeeding and more to do with being mindful. There are times when I can however accidentally swoosh context but I don’t tend to worry too much as contending with worrying is more serious.

What does Zorloth mean, sounds very Yu-Gi-Ohish?

[EDIT] lol @zorloth that went by quickly. If you wanna talk about it just lemme know. I might not might be the best at replying to be honest.

Cloyster - Expedition
Gastly - Arceus
Haunter - Arceus
Gengar - Masaki Promo
Onix - Aquapolis
Drowzee - Delta Species
Hypno - ex Team Rocket Returns
Krabby - Vending
Kingler - Phantom Forces

Voltorb - Rebel Clash
Electrode - ex Emerald
Exeggcute - Mysterious Treasures
Exeggutor - Southern Islands
Cubone - Forbidden Light
Marowak - ex Team Rocket Returns
Hitmonlee - Furious Fists
Hitmonchan - Undaunted
Lickitung - Detective Pikachu

Things I noticed about Week #6 - There’s a lot of spherical pokemon lol. I actually really adore Hypno’s designs. There are a ton of great cards that would strike fear into any child, and I think that’s exactly what they are going for with him lol. It also amazes me how few Krabby and Kinglers there are considering they are Gen 1 pokemon… WHO WOULD DRAW A CUBONE CRYING LOOKING AT A CLOUD THAT LOOKS LIKE ITS MOTHER. SO SAD. Also – Why is it that Hitmonchan has all these super rare cards like ex, whereas Hitmonlee gets nothing… Very strange. Lickitung was hard to choose just one because I really do enjoy the design of this pokemon. I wanted to find a card that would represent the feeling I felt when I would play the Sushi-Go-Round in Pokemon Stadium.