MEWTWO WB Gold Stamp Movie Promo Japanese Ver

This card was distributed at the USA movie theater, but did you know that the Japanese version exists?

This Japanese version of this card came with the VHS.

This card has different paper quality.
The USA version has unevenness on its surface, and the Japanese version is flat.

Pikachu of CD promo and paper quality are similar.

This Pikachu is written in Japanese in the corner of the uncut sheet.
I think this Pikachu is a thing manufactured in Japan.
I think this Mewtwo also was manufactured in Japan.


I assume JPN versions of mewtwo are also all offcentered top to bottom?

What was the English Pikachu on the Japanese sheet used for?

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The CD set I believe, it included a yellow cheeks Shadowless Pikachu


Interesting, hold the mewtwo up to a light bulb and see if the card stock is transparent to determine what it’s printed on.

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@nine is the light and the way :pray:


@swolepoke is indeed right. It’s from the Pokémon Song Best Collection CD promos. It’s also mentioned in my Base Pikachu variations article. When you shine through both cards with a flashlight you will clearly see the difference, since the Japanese card stock will let a lot more light go through. These two Mewtwo should be the same if it’s indeed printed on the same Japanese card-stock.

PS: Here is a picture of that same Pikachu sheet in full:



Is the Japanese version glossy? This card seems to be extremely hard to find

Please don’t bump a two year old thread just to ask a question. Next time just create a new thread in the Just A Question? section and link to this thread.

To answer your question though: no, it’s not glossy. The difference is the cardstock used. The ones from the Japanese VHS are printed on Japanese cardboard, which is slightly thinner than the US/International cardstock. If you have both cards in hand and shine through both of them with a flashlight you will clearly see the difference.

The same applies to the Shadowless Base Set yellow Cheeks Pikachu, which was also printed on Japanese cardstock in the Pokémon Song Best Collection CD. As you can see in the pictures, the Japanese one is also slightly lighter in color, which also applies to the Pikachu.

Just looking at auction pictures you will most likely not see a difference. The only way to know for sure is find one of these sealed VHS with the Mewtwo still in it.


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