JR Stamp Rally Mewtwo

Is there any difference in the Mewtwo from the Japanese JR Stamp Rally promotion and the version Wizards released in the US as a promo? I have never been able to tell. Thanks

This is the card for reference:


Its lighter. The japanese one.

is the back the same as the US one?

Yes, if i remember correctly. Overall lighter though. Hard to see unless placed side by side

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Yes, it has the same back as the US cards. There was a Meowth and Eevee released around the same time too as part of the rally, but they were easy to identify since they were non-holo versions of cards that were released as holo promos in the US. The Mewtwo card always baffled me however since it appeared to be the same as the one we had.

The Japanese version Is tons harder to find than the English one…

It is a little bit lighter in saturation than The English version from memory.

It was given out in a post man satchel case. Which was given out to children in the year 2000, the event was that the children had to run around to as many different railway stations as they could in order to collect pokemon stamps. The more stamps earned they could get some promo items.

I have one of the children’s original satchel bags complete with all the original stamps, promo cards, advertisements, inked stamps and paperwork etc

Not many people ever held onto these.


Isn’t the rally Mewtwo printed on media factory card stock?